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  1. Time to install the tank mounts. Drill holes and weld in the mounting bungs.
  2. Thanks guys. Little more work on the forward controls. Still needs some clean up work. Ordered loonynum split locks but they sent me steel. Will have to do for now. Drilled a few holes.
  3. Thanks. The 450 Rebel will be next. LOL Then own up the list. I'm a Rebel finatic is why. Love them always have. That's why I own 6. 5 are choppers. This is #6.
  4. New leg ends. Rocker clearance solved. Just couldn't cut the rear hook off. Sugar bear does on some over 48 degrees rake unless customer request to keep the rear hook. Used his spec's for the new rear leg ends.
  5. Happy Happy Happy!!!!!!!!!We have a roller. Picture is a photobucket video. Only way I could get it to load.
  6. Rockers arrived today. Just had to see what they looked like. Front legs are not welded. Still need to cut to length. Looks a little twisted but they are not. They are just laying there.
  7. Did a little work on the rear fender this afternoon. It's amazing what you can do with a couple boards.
  8. Still need to cut to length. Waiting on my rockers for that even though I already know the length. Something about measure 50 times and cut only once. LOL Rockers water jetted up. Time for the elbow grease to polish up the Stainless Steel Rockers.
  9. Rear fender arrived. Ebay score.
  10. Rocker bolts, bushings, and washers arrived from http://www.mcmaster.com/