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  1. No kidding! I wanna see that thing pull a 100' wheelie!
  2. That looks good, now ya just need a blower! I'm guessing the front axle is just in, and not nutted and torqued hopefully?
  3. Is that an SV-1000? or the honda equal?
  4. huh, may be better off turning it into an all offroad dirt MOCHINE!
  5. Yeah, the invaders got me too! If you're wanting some spokes, I'll do the leg work if ya wana trade? Ill even pay for shipping both ways!
  6. Thanks Joe! Just got the exhaust on. Going to finish curing it and then do some polishing before heading to the one show Friday night.
  7. Couldn't take the exhaust wrap anymore. It was rotting the pipes and looked like crap. Pulled them off Monday, and started hammering out some new heat shields out of stainless. Finished it up yesterday, then sanded, prepped and painted the pipes with some high temp ceramic in a can. Pipes are drying in the house and will get them back on the bike before Friday so I can cure them. Here's a pic before paint.
  8. Uh... if it runs I guess you don't need it. Did you try tracing it out to see what it's intended porpoise was?
  9. Just put it up for sale on the CG. Asking way too much, but it's OBO so hopefully somebody will bite. With any luck there won't be any real interest in it until I park it out front of the One Moto Show next month, cause I just ordered a bunch of business cards with the CG link address. Covered up the ugly HD oil cap with something a little classier. Took some final pictures the other day now that the suns out again.
  10. Right on! Thanks for the offer Joe. I guess we'll see what this year brings.
  11. Damn Dave! You're a madman! will you teach me how? ill buy the beer
  12. Right on! No, it ain't cheap. I started looking at prices for gear and lift tickets the next day; ouch! But it was perfect day, with little wind, and nice of puffy powder. It sounds like Mt. Bachelor in Bend gets better overall conditions, so that's probably the place to hit. Let me know if you end up this way and ill take ya round and could probably put ya up for a day or two.
  13. Forgot to update last week. Got the seat done and finished welding the tensioner on the next day. Took it for a ride, probably 30 mikes or so. I was pretty worn out by the end of it. Far as I know the tensioner worked as advertised. Couldn't see it while riding to be sure. The ride definitely helped make up my mind about selling. That and the now wife took me up to Mt. Hood on Monday and taught me to snowboard. It was pretty easy, but she seemed surprised I got it. I've found my new hobby, and the sportys involvement is to pay for it! Just waiting for the weather to warm up to re-paint the frame and tensioner.
  14. Fcuk it! Build a tank. What's the worst that could happen? lol
  15. huh, how fast does a turbo normally spin? That seems awful quick to me, but I don't kno knuthin.