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  1. Gonna chop this wok up to fill in my tail section.
  2. Gonna chop this wok up to fill in my tail section.
  3. Front wheel.
  4. Getting a start on the front and rear guard positions.front guard is off a sportster i found on the side of the road and the rear guard is a chopped down cb400t front guard.
  5. Yeah but the down side was 5 hours before our departure flight i got hit with a severe case of food poisoning had to cancel our flight home and reschedule flights for the next day still recovering thought i was gonna die.had to be hooked up to a drip for a few hours for fluids after all the puke.thank god for travel insurance all up cost another 5 grand now to make my insurance claim.
  6. Fucken grubs if caught they should have there hands broken.
  7. Just got back from sunny tropical bali got another week off before i go back to work hopefully get some work done on the cycle.
  8. Might have to name it stir fry.puts a new spin on the term rice burner.
  9. Slowly making progress on the tail section my fab skills are pretty poor but i am improving.not sure if this is a waste of time and will end up in the bin.i have no way of forming sheet for the dome section on the rear so i am planning on chopping up an old wok for the tail section pieces.
  10. This build has been a long journey so far at times it has been frustrating but mostly its been fun i am making slow progress on my rear section but progress all the same i have learnt alot over the last 3 years.my fab skills are not so great but they are getting better i will post some pics when i get closer to completeing my rear tail section.
  11. Been ultra busy build almost at a stand still but got a little more done on my rear section frame work almost ready to tin it up.
  12. Some card templates in place to help visualize.not sure if i am going to keep the rear round or not.
  13. Tacked in place gonna reposition the tail end too steep an angle at the moment will redo and start sheeting it.pics to follow
  14. Marked out some ply board and taped my steel in place time to tack it up i taped it to the board to make it easy to weld on my bench.will post some pics when its done.