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  1. Got the engine engravings done. Also had him buy a make your own header V8 kit and we pieced from it to make a set of exhaust pipes for the bike.
  2. We have plans to grind off the kaw and put the name of the bike there. If he ever thinks of it? Engravings have been approved. Turned to match design some Heat Sink oil coolers to remove the stock oil cooler. Mounted them on the bike.
  3. Did some art work on the cases today. If he approves the designs I get to engrave them. If not wipe the cases clean.
  4. Should be a good fit. Got the queen seat foot pegs made and mounted.
  5. Thanks! We did a quick seat just for mock up so, forward controls could be built out of imitation alligator vinyl. Then I built a set of forward controls for the bike.
  6. Thanks! Got the seat pan made for a King and Queen seat.
  7. Hand made a rear fender that has 1/4 inch clearance for chain. Added 1/8 inch round bar around the outside edge for strength. Made a sissy bar. Got it all mounted.
  8. Change of plans. We took a Kaw 750 Zephyr he had and made a donor bike out of it. The motor is now been welded in and the cross braces moved. Then pulled off the frame jig. We no longer need a jackshaft on the bike and have a larger more power full engine.
  9. Got the motor moved forward in the frame. The front motor mount is done with turned spacers and both cross bars are welded in. The engine is aligned center with the frame jig and axle plates using the center casting on the head for the front of engine and a straight edge along the engine sprocket and the jig edge with a square for the rear of engine. The engine was also checked to be level with the jig using the engine oil pan mating edge. Also the engine sprocket is in a straight line with the axle shaft. Now have a 10 inch space to build a proper jackshaft and battery box. Will have plenty of room to run a cool exhaust also.
  10. Thanks Friend! Got the axle plates welded in. They are square with each other and the jig also distanced apart to reuse the axle shaft. Now can know the engine is inline with the axle plates after making engine new mounts.
  11. Got the axle plates made. 1/2 inch plate with 5/16 axle adjuster bolts. Slots are machined .020 oversize from 20 mm to allow for paint.
  12. I have been saving money and selling bikes and tools to afford the shop upgrade. The cost of those tools would really piss you off what I paid for most of them. Dirt Cheap and you have to remember this has been over a 6 month or more period just have not posted here about it. The Arm drill and Summit Lathe was won from a employee sale at work. Southbend=550$ Shaper= 400$ Broach Set=125$ Sander=260$ Oven=100$ Summit=302$ Rotary converter=1000$ Arm Drill=702$ Cincinnati=500$ Weld table=Free$ Tilt Table=260$
  13. Concrete Southbend 15 inch with 12 inch 3 and 4 jaw chucks had to fix the tail stock and make anew cross slide lead screw. .004 backlash now in cross slide. Rockwell Delta Shaper for making internal keyways Dumont Broach set for making internal keyways. Rockwell Delta Combination Sander had to fix the tables and make adjustment knobs. 2400 degree muffler oven for making special tooling by harding or annealing. Summit 19x80 inch and metric threads, dro 15 horse rotary phase converter to run the machine. Willis little bear rd-750 3 foot arm Radial arm drill. The main feed gear was stripped out had to replace it. Cinncinati 1-18 production Horizontal mill. Weld Table with adjustable height by a hand crank. Had to weld the castors and remove the paint on the top plate along with drill and install the vise. Adjustable tilt table.
  14. I have been upgrading my shop. I had a 30x40 concrete pad poured cost me 6000$ and expanded into the other area of the barn. Also bought several new to me tools. There is a Southbend 15x36 inch lathe, a Summit 19x80 lathe with DRO, Cincinnati 1-18 horizontal mill, Willis 3 foot arm radial arm drill, 12 inch disc 48 inch belt Delta Rockwell combination sander, Weld Table, and several new pieces of tooling. I am saving and trying to use my money just to upgrade the shop staying away from builds of my own until the new shop is done.