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  1. It sounds like you are going tandem seating from the WB. Nice build
  2. The bike in my avatar is a BMW R-25 And by darn I now have a frame to start building one . 

  3. Got in a tank. Waddell type ,peanut
  4. Got this one from a fellow member
  5. Starting on the xs650 for my niece today. Will be going pretty much stock xs650, wassel tank , maybe pma if I can find the funds . I will get a pic up in a bit . Been collecting stuff for the build . Bike runs now . Hope it runs when done . Lol So I reckon I'll Waddell through this build
  6. You been talking to the Mrs. again.
  7. Building the one I just got for my niece ,. Just ordered tc peanut and such for it . It will be kick only when done . Then building one for me this winter . You have a extra frame up there .
  8. When using a factory set of trees forks etc on a xs. How much rake can you run and still be safe to ride.
  9. First thing welcome. Then look at the wiring not once ,twice or 3 times. Look at it for a day or so before you do any wiring . Then you need to remember the most important thing's about T.C.U No picture of the bike. Then it did not happen . And It needs More
  10. Needs more Rake. Looks cool.
  11. I just replaced the pos liner in my HF gas welder. I used it last night and was night and day better at a steady feed . Mine always seemed to hesitate . Now runs much more smoothly. Going to get a better ground as well for mine. There are other modifications you can do with them. You should convert the flux to gas if you do not have one already.
  12. Lines look very good . That's the shit there.
  13. I plan on buying a Tig and give it a go. Is the HF worth the money or ?
  14. You have a ride video yet
  15. Do they make a pushrod tube for a shovel that is a telescoping or 2 piece . My seals are leaking pretty bad. That or will I just need to tear into the top end . . TIA