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  1. Rolled it outside to try to get some clearer shots in the light, and put it into perspective. It feels tiny even beside my 400. I love the way the drum sits, I was worried if I'd be able to get it tight to the frame, but it all tucks in there really nice.
  2. Thanks Slime. I was getting a little discouraged with USPS playing with my emotions, but it was all worth it.........Now I can move forward again. Did some spacer work today. Got the hub located, now I just need to true up the wheel to center and we're good to go. Happens quicker with it sitting in the living room at least.
  3. In love a little with this wheel. Opened it in the truck before I even got home. Just couldnt wait. Dereks hub that replaces a star hub wheel, All polished stainless spokes laced to a stock italian made harley 16x3.5 After some honey-dos me and the boy got it slipped into the frame and mocked up. Got some spacer work to do, and Buchannons just loose laced the wheel, so I'm offset lacing it to gain myslef a little room but it looks phenomanal.
  4. 530 chain primary. Not a normal backing plate. The plan is a 4 speed, but I dont want to mount it until i get the rear wheel in. Easier to offset the trans a little to line up if I need to than to widen the rear frame.
  5. I know........She checks the weather every day to see if I can give here a ride to school.......
  6. I was waiting until there where tires on it? I'll tell you what........How about a pic of me and my mechanic taking it for a rip in between swapping out some hardware for stainless to tide you over........ Talked to Buchanons today and my rear wheel is on its way, I cant wait......
  7. Got some temp spacers in so my front wheel sits nice while I finish buttoning up the front end. Then while I worked, my boys made some spacers to replace the bearings on a random cb750 wheel I had around, so that at least I have something to look at until my wheel is done at Buchanons.
  8. It was bugging me that the ass was sitting a little low, sitting here visualizing things. So while me and the boys got it up to ride height, we threw stuff on the scale at the same time. Frame as it sits with the tanks, front end, and wheel is right at 100lbs motor is 130lbs Rear drum is 10lbs Figuring 20lbs for the rear wheel, another 20lbs for tires, 40(?) for the trans, 50lbs for seat, rear fender, primary and final chain, putting it up to 370lbs? Shouldnt be a big deal keeping it under 400lbs if I watch the weight...... I've got a buddy that has a hardtail kick only shovel, and swears his is 550 and its pretty stripped down, am I missing some big weight somewhere?
  9. My youngest wants to ride this one. She'll actually be able to reach the controls......
  10. Axle sliders fit beautifully, its a little anti-climatic without the wheel, but at least the drum can just hang out there for now. Put the front end together though, everything fit together with minimal effort, I need to do some tweaking of the spacers that I made, a few adjustments here and there but Dereks parts are awesome. Just cant get enough of them. So tonight since we slammed this together so quick I think I'm just going to chill on it and watch the kids play video games.....
  11. So this happened.......... So this is happening tonight.
  12. Borrowed some shocks from a buddy of mine so I can mock up my front end tomorrow, I pulled the rod ends out, and he made me some loonynum bushings. Once UPS shows up tomorrow I can finally see this stuff come together.
  13. I fiigured I'd save it for Margeritas.......Shouldnt be drinking and riding ya know....... The boy spent hours polishing the bars while I worked on the other tank. Hes still not done, but it was time for a break, and some pictures in the light since my picture taking skills suck.......
  14. Derek finished up the last couple bits he's doing, and boxed stuff up. Package off to Buchanons, and a couple others to me. I'm trying to get everything tied up that I can without parts, so me and the boy finished the bars up today, short of a little more blending and polishing......
  15. Got a good collection of parts heading my way right away. He decided to use this italian made stocker? rear rim, looks awesome, its heading to Buchanons And he whipped up some adjuster blocks to go with the axle The internal steering stop came in, so he's putting the stem in too. I love 12 point hardware.