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  1. sure ya do!all bad!!!
  2. balance act!just went a little to far!
  3. it looks like bsa rear wheel. if so brake drum fits over spine on wheel.
  4. some on e-bay!$128.00 no internal stops.old-stf-cycle
  5. got 3 bsa's a 65's & a norton commando all in pieces. but slowley gathering parts.
  6. sold a old ironhead for a house!bike came back at half what i sold it for. guy had put on a e-start to boot.
  7. nice!real nice.I'd look like a dog doing a football on one of those!my riding co-hort says I look like that on a FLH!
  8. nice bike!the haters of non h-d should be made to ride what they hate.maybe open there eyes.all can be fun.I started riding on a 1952 nsu quickly when a kid.that started my bike addiction.AIN'T STOPPED YET! 50 YRS & CLIMING
  9. priceless find
  10. not so much a good thing!just tryn to pay back what I did as a youngster.always in trouble!can not cross boarder from that age.Dum a**
  11. but not so good for pocketbook!oh well,never going to be rich this way.
  12. thanks,frame came from british cycle supply.made to work with stock sportster front end.
  13. gave to youth center to raffle. they made $3,000 in 3 months
  14. i believe both sides are set-up for discs on rims from late 70s &up .