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  1. Instead of sticking a tiny piece in there, make a stepped piece that fills it and extends down the side for way more contact, or let the small piece set up and add a reinforcing piece onto the side. Properly set JB weld is pretty tough stuff.
  2. While I like what you did, I've always liked the stock Virago 1100 as well. Damn nice work on that rear cylinder exhaust.
  3. Most of the Suzuki guys swap the 630 stuff out for 530. Less expensive to begin with, and the newer 530 chains have as much strength as the older 630 anyway.
  4. You may not believe this, but it's true. A full master cylinder bleeds way better than one half full. Doesn't seem right as long as the hole is covered, but half full and you see those tiny air bubbles trickle up into the fluid. Fill it full and those bubbles get way bigger. I pumped one up just recently, making no headway, until I topped off the reservoir. Seriously.
  5. It would help if we knew what setup you have. Are you working on front or rear? Single caliper or dual. Got a Guzzi with linked brakes or a Mack truck with shoe brakes? As far as a standard front MC goes, always bleed the MC itself 1st. Leave the line off and cover the hole with your finger. If you can't pump that up your are wasting your time. On dual calipers that are being a bitch I block one off with vise grips and bleed the other. If that works take off the vise grip and bleed the other side. It sometimes works to pump the handle a dozen strokes of so and zip tie it back to the bar. Leave it set overnight.
  6. I'll put 15-40 diesel in anything that runs. Especially the older stuff. My shit is early 80's.
  7. Or it's possible the master is too small and won't pump a sufficient amount of fluid in a stroke or two. 5 strokes is an awful lot, tho. Probably needs better bleeding. What master did you use? When I built mine I used a slave cylinder for a Toyota clutch. Worked ok, but that was drum brakes. I don't know whether drum or disc needs more fluid moving.
  8. Southeast Iowa. Not likely worth your trip.
  9. I'm not actively looking to sell, but the 77 I picked up is not getting any attention as I have too many other things in line ahead of it. If you are interested in a non stock early wing let me know. Motor is solid. There are pics earlier in this thread. It bugs me it's just sitting there because my daily riders and relatives stuff is are being a chore. Not to mention some damn horses.
  10. I used to think about building a bike with I-beam drilled full of holes. Never got around to it and now I don't have to. I can just watch you do it right.
  11. That may qualify as overkill on the rear end. There is such a thing as having too much grab back there. Most of the work is done up front for a reason. The last thing you want is a rear binder that locks up easy.
  12. You should show more of that XV project.
  13. Wow, that is sweet!
  14. Ya got a battleship and lust for an aircraft carrier?
  15. Here's mine with a Guzzi rear fender And a Guzzi headlight with a PVC tube below it to stuff wiring into Just getting started, but no sawzall stuff will happen