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  1. 1983 Honda Nighthawk 650. Rode the bike for a while last night. Its been riding fine with no issues for some time now. I parked it and did some work. -rebuilt the steering bearings -bled the hydrolic clutch and brake systems put it all back together and I get NO power whatsoever. The battery is new and it reads 12.79 Volts at the post, at the solenoid, after the solenoid. I didn't disconnect the battery when I did this (DUMB I KNOW.) There is a 30amp fuse at the starter solenoid. Its good. There are 4 15amp fuses under the headlight. these are also fine. When I had to take the forks off and the clamps and all to get to the steering bearings, the instruments, fuse box, handlebars / controls, were all kinda just hanging there. Do you guys think something came unplugged? Did I fry something? Short circuit? Bad Solenoid? Thank you in advance for any help