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  1. my green chop
  2. green i like it have a 66 t120 that is green .
  3. what year is the motor . you have a 68 and up outer trany cover, if the cases are the same vintage, you can time it with a timing tool that goes in a port back case under carb. drops in a cut in the crank gives you tdc. there is 2 thread pich tools get the one that has both on it you just flip it over/ . hope you like attention because that thing will draw people in.
  4. i think i will let mine surface rust then wipe with oil. we all know old trumps are oil tight and none will ever make it to the frame.
  5. slowly
  6. more work done. tail light lic plate mount done made from a tag off a telephone pole. headlight wired ,regulator wired, seat pan started
  7. looks good, nice fit, fit way better than the ones i have no gap from seat to frame.
  8. more progress battery box, electrical junction, mounts for 6 relays .
  9. got a couple of king queens cheep
  10. motor assembled went to set valves put in 4th gear roll tire found rear sprocket teeth needle points chain junk. new sprockets and chain, went to install removed clutch basket wore. replaced new clutch plates . basket new . worked on it all weekend , took her out for a test ride , one exhaust valve to loose and whent to stop no brakes rear the mini drum in front slowed me down a little. love this bike her name is Elvira.
  11. impressive more skill than i have
  12. its on the back burner, honey do list put up fence, make a patio , have 4 other projects, 66 triumph chop, 68 triumph chop, 68 triumph bobber, and a 69 triumph dirt bike. and only one job . thats easy math
  13. more work done
  14. not fair i only have 5 triumph projects i need one more .looks good
  15. looks good