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      If you want to keep this site up I need your help total cost to move this site to Godaddy will be $300.00 this will also include 2 years hosting then the total a year is less than $100.00 verses $937.00 a year come on guys to keep this site going whats it worth to you Carr has transferred the Domain name to me so it will be our site I can swing $100.00 a year can you swing helping with the transfer cost? if not I will close this site at the end of dec But we need to act by the end of this month 8 days to raise $300.00 Your call but don't come bitching to me cause we are shutting down Paypal  thechopperunderground@cox.net WhiteWolf


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  1. got mine for a song. Once some things get moved around I am going to get serious about it...
  2. Once I am done with my goldwing I am going to try and find a good priced crotch rocket to chop! This gives me some great motivation!!!
  3. thanks fellas. Hope I can sort it out...
  4. I am new to a water cooled bike. It was wrecked and most of everything was torn off. I don't think the fan works and can't tell if the water pump is moving coolant. Anyone with experience would save me some ass pain...
  5. Anyone have one? I am trying to delete as much as possible but keep basic functions going. Blinkers, headlight, tail light etc are a must.
  6. there is a bad ass bone yard near Camp McCall NC. Dude has hundreds of metric bikes but will run you off saying he doesn't sell his bikes. If anyone knows him message me. I'll make it worth your while!!!
  7. I use closed cell foam in my Kydex holster press and I am going to use the same for my seat. Actually, I may have some extra in about a week. I may give it a shot and if it works I'll tell you where I got it and for how much...
  8. looks like a bike I had in the mid 80's!!