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  1. Pics soon I'm still working at her. Things are a bit more difficult now that I live on the third floor. I've got family visiting in October so finances are tight but after that I should be good to go. Having trouble finding someone to weld up the frame. No fabricator wants to touch it
  2. Man am I loving this build. Keep us posted! I got the same set of bars for a 750 Honda chop I'm working on
  3. I'm liking this bro. What style you going for? Chopper, bobber, rat bike?
  4. So I bought some cold rolled square tubing and 3/8 plate steel and a few other odds and ins. After several hours at the drawing board my buddy and I managed to dream up some weird springer/girder hybrid using some xj750 shocks I had lying around. Pics soon
  5. Its funny you said that because I was actually thinking about that. Sliding a brace tube up over the backbone. And if you could help with bracing location advice that's come in handy. The kit only came with 2 but I know that ain't enough. And yes. I definitely want to stick around. I've only had one accident but it was a nasty one. 6 broken bones and 5 surgeries as well as blood clots and a busted tooth. And road rash. I definitely don't wanna wreck again
  6. I got the hard tail kit. I'm trying to find a place to do my welding now. And I'm thinking I might wanna rake the neck a few degrees. Still haven't decided on the front end though
  7. I was originally gonna Kong it like in the honda chopper bible but I bought a hard tail kit from tc Bros. So I'm hoping that with some cross braces will prevent any warping
  8. Pics from my gfs phone. The exhaust came off an xj750s parts bike I've got. Don't know if it'll fit but you never do till you try
  9. Ok so I made a bit of progress. I'll post pics later today from my girlfriends phone. For some reason mine refuses to upload pictures to any Website. Cut off that ugly triple backbone and mocked the king tank on it. Not too bad looking. Nicked my downtibes a bit with the grinder. Removed the point cover to find a bar point plate. No points or nothing. Luckily I found some on the internet I'll be ordering come payday. Other engine electrical components seem to be there. Got a hardtail kit from tcbros on the way and a coworker of mine just so happened to be willing to let me use his garage to weld it up. I also received my Z bars. So here's the plan: Hardtailed frame, sprung solo seat (got my eye on a fringed one on jpcycles) 3.5 gallon Harley king tank. Z bars with custom leather grips. Chrome floating rear fender Forward controls. Upswept fishtails Welded roller chain sissybar (like off my last bike) And 4-6" over forks, hopefully springer if I can get the machined trees. Pictures to come soon
  10. Shit. Any tips for uploading pics
  11. So I was trying to save this until I got all the parts together but oh what the hell. I'd dig some advice on it and I haven't seen a build in a while. So here you have it. image%3A15090 image%3A15098 So far I got the 1978 cb750 frame and motor, a 3.5 gallon king tank, set of vintage style z-bars which should be here tomorrow. I'm considering doing a konged frame, but then again I'm also thinking hard tail. What do you guys think?
  12. I've got a 81 Yamaha shaft drive that takes 36mm forks and I want some extended forks but I can't find any in 36mm. Ive found 35mm and 39mm. Would either of these work on my bike?
  13. Got fender mounted today finally. Still have to Paint it. Decided on a wooden seat which I will be starting soon. Figured it would give the bike a nice unique look. More to come. In the meantime here's a pic of the fender 4128 4129 4127
  14. Picked this up off a buddy of mine. He moved back to Montana and couldn't take it with him so he gave it to me. No title. Its a shaft drive, rear frame section has already been cut. I got a bobbed fender waiting to be put on, bike is gonna get the flat black treatment, a custom seat, tall sissy bar, 17" apes, bullet turn signals, and is in need of a complete engine rebuild and a lot of electrical work. Thankfully it came with the original shop manual lol 3698 3699
  15. Just traded a spring assist knife for a set of handlebars and low profile turn signals. rattlecanned them black and waiting for them to dry. Got the paint I need to finish thebike too. Pictures to come soon