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  1. finished off all the mounts for the gas and oil tanks, bent up a kickstand, basically ready to tear it down and make it all look decent now. didn't bother yanking it out of the back of the elco, just did the work where it sat. I'm itching to ride, I've been bike-less for a couple years.
  2. plasma torch. I can't really do that kind of work in my apartment, so I took the tank to work with me and did it there. I learned my lesson about welding in an apartment when I built my old ironhead in my old apartment. At least there I had a concrete patio, but I shut the power down in my building...twice...hahaha. Once I get a fender on it, I'm gonna break it down and carry the frame to work and final weld everything. Alot of the tabs and whatnot are only tacked in place at the moment. Still trying to figure out colors too. I have access to a walk in powdercoat oven now, so this one will probably get something other than the rattle can black frame I usually do.
  3. started modding the tank floor to fit the buell fuel pump. not too bad, basically cut a big hole, made a plate to fill the hole so the bottom of the tank would be flat, drilled a couple holes, and it's about done. Obviously not fully welded, wanted to make sure the outlet would clear the front rocker first.
  4. bunch of small stuff done. cut up the (ceramic coated) buell header and made it fit around the new frame, made a leather bag to hold the fuel injection computer, since there isn't really anywhere to hide it, modded a harley sprocket to fit the buell wheel, got the seat springs mounted, made some bits and pieces to make the buell rear master cylinder fit a sporty front sprocket cover and pedal, mounted a headlight and tail lights, etc. nothing really major, but it's coming along. We just got a big fancy CNC plasma table at work, so I may make a few things just as an excuse to play with it. Been having a really hard time finding a rear fender with the right radius for that rim/tire combo, but one of the guys in my metal shop says he'd be happy to teach me how to make one from scratch, and since I've never tried it...I'm all for it. Still have to completely rebuild the bottom/tunnel of the tank to get the buell fuel pump in there, and change the mounts to something a little cleaner looking. I'm gonna have to end up shelling $160 for a Ballistic battery, since it's the only one I can find that's small enough (freakin tiny) with enough juice to start the bike. There's just no room for anything close to a full sized battery. anyway, here's how it sits at the moment:
  5. some pics after today, sorry for the crappy quality. rear end is finalized, axle fits the frame, brake clears everything it needs to, upper motor mount/coil mount is just about finished, etc.
  6. thanks guys. Spent a bunch of time making little brackets and mounts today, converted from belt to chain drive, spent way too much time with a file making the buell axle fit the frame, and making the rear brake fit. Gonna take the tank to work this week and re-do the bottom of it so the pump will sit like it needs to. As far as the old frame, it's in the corner of the "garage". I'm gonna hold onto it, maybe build a streetfighter out of it someday. I think a 500cc 2 stroke in that frame would be alot of fun ;-) not sure why I always seem to like building my bikes "the hard way" (meaning not in a garage), but it's fun. And no, I'm not dead, hahaha. Been working my A$$ off. Not sure if anyone watches it, but if you've ever seen the show "Fantomworks" on Velocity Channel.....that's where I've been working the last couple years, restoring old cars and bikes.
  7. Haven't been around here in a while, figured I'd share some pics of the latest project. Started with a clean 99 Buell Thunderbolt that I got for a HELL of a deal because the guy couldn't figure out why it wouldn't run. Turns out the speedo sensor kept popping the ignition fuse. Unplugged the sensor, replaced the fuse, and bam, she fired right up. Frame is a much modified Paughco (so the Buell rear wheel would fit and line up) and I'm trying to use as much of the Buell as I can, mainly to keep costs down. Keeping the fuel injection, which is proving to be a pain in the butt, since now I have to severely modify the tank to fit the internal fuel pump, and I even had to fit the Buell gas cap onto the tank just to have a hole big enough to get the pump thru. Gutted the Buell wiring harness down to the bare essentials to run the fuel injection and ignition, and I should be able to hide the majority of it in the frame tubes. So far the engine, front end, wheels, and brakes are on. Built a seat from scratch, getting ready to modify the stock (ceramic coated) Buell header to fit the bike. So far I've got about $1500 in it, and the only major things I still have to find are a set of mid controls and front sprocket cover off a sportster, and a rear fender. And yeah, the bike is being built in the spare bedroom of my apt, haha. If anyone remembers any of my past projects, you'll know this isn't really uncommon. Anyway, here's some progress pictures:
  8. no idea what I'm going to do with it, but the good news is that all 4 cylinders have between 145-150 psi compression, so it should be a runner once I go thru the carbs.
  9. was given a clean (for sitting in a garage for 23 years) yamaha xj550 seca today, looking into a few things before I decide what to do with it, and I have a few questions: 1. I believe that yamaha xj550/xj600/fz600/yx600 motor mounts are all the same, theoretically making the motors swappable, correct? If anyone can shed some insight on that, I'd appreciate it. 2. does anyone know what front sprockets interchange with the XJ550 output shaft? basically, I'm looking for an offset front sprocket, but I'm not having much luck. I figured there's GOT to be something out there with the same output shaft splines and diameter that I can use. Nothing is really listed as "specific" to the XJ550. I've got the bike sitting in my truck with it's cylinders full of marvel oil at the moment, haven't even tried to spin the motor over and see what kind of compression it's got, if any, so for all for all I know right now the motor could be junk, but if it shows signs of life, I'm thinking of building a lil wanna-be (it is only a 550 afterall) rigid drag bike looking thing out of it with some random parts I have laying around. just figured I'd ask before I throw any money at this thing.
  10. if you drill out the non-clamp side of your XS forks to 3/4", a narrow glide 3/4" axle will go right in. I have a narrow glide 21" wheel in my XS650 forks right now. (with no front brake)
  11. After a few months of being bikeless (it's been hell!), I needed a bike to put my girl on for the shop's monthly "thirsty thursday" get together...so I called up the guy I sold my last chop to and asked if it was still up and running. He says "sorta, it hasn't run in a while, I had knee surgery so I can't start it". Somehow in the process of making a deal to get it running right again in exchange for borrowing it for a night....I ended up buying it back! So, FINALLY I'm back on the road. Just figured I'd share a pretty cool shot from the shop.
  12. yeah, over the years I've built a few. To be fair though, that's what I do for a living.
  13. Sweet thanks man, Is that your bike in your profile pic? Looks awesome. I am going to go out there and try to get it out for a little bit today, but if not I will definitely take you up on the help. I swear I'm not this stupid, I didn't think they put the motors in this tight. Any time. That's one of my old bikes, I ride a different XS650 at the moment, just a simple little rigid.
  14. You're about 5 minutes from me, I'm in Va Beach, right near the Chesapeake line. (Salem area) if you can't get that motor out, let me know, I'll be glad to give ya a hand if need be.
  15. Nice to see that a certain un-named company out there has taken it upon themselves to supply a springer "kit" using the mods that me and (forgive me if I'm wrong, it's been many a year since the first swap I/we did) Calicruiser came up with. (scarcasm doesn't show up well in type!) Dear "said company"...can we get a cut of the profits?