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  1. Just wondering about the dog. I have been around Blue Heelers and pretty much my whole life have one now and you dont see them too often so I get excited when I see one. lol Good deal on the controls. I was going to fab up my own but I scored mine cheap and I actually really like them. Bare bones and simple. And thank you. Im a big fan of green so it was only fitting.
  2. Looks awesome man! Love that front end. I have TC Bros forward controls on my frame and I like them. I have the universal ones and I have what looks to be the same frame as yours. Guessing that yours is an AMEN Hardtail frame? Mine has been chopped up a tiny bit and made to fit a DOHC. I dont know how well you can see them in this picture. Excuse the dirty bike. Country life and dirt roads. What kind of dog ya got there in the one picture?
  3. Looks killer! Makes that frame look much better.
  4. So I have a 1979 Honda CB 750 DOHC in an old Amen hardtail frame with an HD front end and well, I had swapped out my chain for a new one and it was at that point I needed some kind of chain tensioner and being the cheap ass, make it yourself kinda guy, I couldnt justify (or really afford) paying over $100 for one of them aftermarket tensioners so after 2 failed attempts and doing a solid mount tensioner, I came up with this fancy piece of machinery in about an hour or so (Not including the trip to the local hardware store to get the spring). Best part was, I had the skateboard wheel laying around and was brand new (Still going to get a wider one eventually), the steel I had laying around here along with the 2 bolts I cut down to fit, and the spring cost me under a dollar at the local hardware store. I did cut about 3-4 coils off the spring to fit and work better. But here are the pictures. Never mind the super dirty bike. Its been washed since and is nice and clean now. haha Here is the bike it is on. The old cruddy solid mount is in this picture. How I built the tensioner. I can get measurements if anyone needs but honestly, I didnt make any when I built iy. I just mocked everything up a few times until it worked perfect for me. It works AMAZING and no more sloppy chain. I am eventually going to redo it a bit so it looks cleaner on the frame but for now, it works and thats all that matters. Also, there is no way for it to over center the way it is with that set up and spring. Trust me, I took that into account. Main reason I did it this way is cause of the fender. I couldnt have it the other way without cutting into the fender to clear everything the way I would have liked and I did not want to do that at all or with everything on the outside. I have put it through its paces (about 500 miles on it) and so far not a single issue and works like a champ! No more floppy chain for this guy. Anyways, I hope that helps someone else also. I prob have $15 tops into it if you include the cost of the wheel. Also, the arm that the wheel is mounted too, I might redo it and make it a little longer so I can move the mount back a bit for a cleaner look if I cant figure something else out with how its mounted now. Took me all of an hour to make once I settled on a design/idea.
  5. HuH? LoL
  6. Thank you and your welcome.
  7. I actually took that into consideration and without cutting into my fender this is how it worked out. I put it through its paces and had it not worked out I would have made another one. Not like it cost me a lot to make so had it not worked out this way, no feelings hurt. It actually works surprisingly well the way I have it. Still need a little wider wheel though/ This one works but more of a pice of mind thing.
  8. Holy bad ass!!! I love that. Excellent work.
  9. Havent you got this thing painted yet? Looking great. One of my favorite builds yet.