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      If you want to keep this site up I need your help total cost to move this site to Godaddy will be $300.00 this will also include 2 years hosting then the total a year is less than $100.00 verses $937.00 a year come on guys to keep this site going whats it worth to you Carr has transferred the Domain name to me so it will be our site I can swing $100.00 a year can you swing helping with the transfer cost? if not I will close this site at the end of dec But we need to act by the end of this month 8 days to raise $300.00 Your call but don't come bitching to me cause we are shutting down Paypal  thechopperunderground@cox.net WhiteWolf


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  1. I separate everything into types of metals, and shapes. Other than that, I keep it under benches and out in the shed. I don't like to throw anything even remotely usable away. I look at a tidbit of steel and tell myself that it could be shaped into a tab to weld onto something and so on. I sell my alum swarf, and that's about it.