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  1. Like everyone has said, decent tool if you don't overload it, fair tool if you DO overload it. I got mine used at a garage sale for about half price about 5 years ago, still use it and abuse it.
  2. Well there you have it, you suck! But that would take one helluva dial indicator, so the DRO gets a pass...LMAO
  3. Make sure the bearings, collar nuts and stem nut fit BEFORE you weld. That said, it should be welded since it was welded before. Honda used the same bearings on a bunch of different length stems so assemble the stackup first.
  4. 1979 Yamaha XS1100 Special

    Nothing worth taking pics. Disassembled the springer, need to re-bush the spring rods and bore the stem holes to fit the XS1100 stem. Money jobs are in the way so will get on it soon and get some pics up. Tired of this bike sitting on a jack, needs to roll around on 2 wheels!
  5. It will get built, the chopper gods have so ordained!
  6. 1979 Yamaha XS1100 Special

    First pic is front wheel in position for approx 2" trail. Second pic with the Finch Springer. Pretty dam close!!! Third just looks badass to me
  7. 1979 Yamaha XS1100 Special

    I've been working on this again, so if mods can move it to the build section, I'll keep it updated. As to progress, the frame is raked 45*, seating area is still infinished, rear shock mounts still need finishing...lol BUT the frontend has been decided. I picked up a smooth leg Finch springer for a song and it puts the front wheel pretty close to my ideal trail. The XS400 front wheel just fits centered with about 1/4" clearance to rocker bolts. Might just make it work. Raking the XS1100 is easy. First cut out gusset sheetmetal from downtubes to expose all welds. Keep the sheetmetal for later use. Next drill a 1/4" hole dead square to the steering axis through the top tubes and the square box section the're welded to behind the neck. Cut a piece of 1/4" round stock just longer than the frame width at the hole, and weld that bar to the top tubes. You now have a hinge to pivot on for raking. Cut welds wher top and down tubes attach to the square structure behind neck. You are now free to pivot the neck to desired angle. The frame structure behind is pretty rigid and the neck will stay square to the bike. Weld tubes to box section when you determine rake, and weld the gusset back in place. There will be a gap to fill, I bet you know what to do there
  8. Soooooooo? is it alive?
  9. 1979 Yamaha XS1100 Special

    Got the seat trimmed and fitting the frame, need to modify the rear tank mount ad re-use the rubber mount and "tongue" receiver for the front seat mount. Rear mount will be a buttonhead screw from inside the fender. Front forks are just not long enough to get trail better than 8", even with raked trees. So back to the springer pictured early in the thread. Spent an afternoon designing some new trees, and rockers to bring trail in to 1.75". Only using brakes on one side so I'm using an XS400 wheel and rotor. Not sure what caliper 'm using yet. Stem is removed from the stock lower tree and ready to press into the springer. Also found some material for the downtube slugs, so ready to finish the rake job. You'll never tell (aside from TIG welds instead of production MIG snot) that it didn't come from Yamaha like that. VERY doubtful I'll be done by month end, but I'm hoping to have it rolling and knock out the carbs so maybe I can start it. Then again, maybe I'll go ballistic and post a video in 10 days...lol
  10. 1979 Yamaha XS1100 Special

    Well not much happening, changed my mind on seat again and stripped the first K&Q to the pan so I can trim and fit it to the frame. I doubt the chop ill be done by the deadline. Work comes first. I'm gonna try to at least have a running roller by end of the month. Lower shock mounts and finish the downtubes/neck welding. I'll try to get the pics of the seat progress later today. It's just a skeleton of 3/16 loonynum sheet...lol... needs some trimming and bending to fit. Then getting some gel pads and more foam and prob just stretch a hide (cow, nauga... whatever I can afford) over the whole thing
  11. 1979 Yamaha XS1100 Special

    Nothing new really this week. been stuck buying setup tools for a money job and getting a few out the door. I did decide to run the stock tank as I kinda like the shape and with minimal mods to the rear mount, I can use the stock front rubbers. Paint will be 70s chopper panels and shapes and stripes. Haen't messed with designs yet. One month to go, might make it, might not. Whatever the case it needs to be ready to run to NC in June.
  12. 1979 Yamaha XS1100 Special

    Eyeball's healing up fine, trying to get caught up with work so I can spend some coin on the chop. Need some loonynum for the trees, and need tools for the shop. Still need to finish weld the upper tubes and slug the downtubes back together... dammit, I wish I hadn't cut them now. I will cut them on the next XS1100 though, rigid gooseneck chop
  13. 1979 Yamaha XS1100 Special

    That's right! She loves riding with me, just cant deal with the seat on a rigid. And this chop will have power to tow the camper 2 up.
  14. 1979 Yamaha XS1100 Special

    Well, back to the shop, can't wait any longer. Got machining to do for work and not doing any grinding for a few more days. Neck will get tacked into place with a temp brace, and the top tubes welded up solid. waiting on some tubing for the downtube stretch. Need to finalize rear fender mounts so I can get to building the seatpan. I think I'll use an old fender for the rear part of the pan so it nests over the fender. Wifey gets a comfy seat on this one, but I don't want it to look like an afterthought, or a big bulky mass.
  15. 1979 Yamaha XS1100 Special

    Turned out to be 3 tiny chips that I can barely see with readers, and a little rust that needed scraping. At least now I know where to go that's affordable for cash eyecare. Close, quick, and they charge less for cash payment than total insured cost (not what you pay). Doc said stay out of the shop for a few days so dust doesn't settle into the imperfections left before they heal. Gonna clean up and put away tools and stuff so I don't feel too useless. Swap meet party tomorrow, and back to work Mnday. Friggin behind on some trees and other work projects after machine repairs and now this. Dammit it WILL get done!