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  1. Sorry fir the rather long time between updates... Things are going very slowly indeed... Well updates, Seat made, and upholstered by myself, seat springs attached, awaiting to attach seat mount properly, new tank (sportster tank for free), coils installed, front brake caliper, all handlebar controls added (throttle assembly, front brake and clutch levers...)... Will get a few pictures tomorrow hopefully, unable to get any as by the time I'd done it had gotten dark...
  2. Unfortunately no, seat should be built end of this week, finally back in employment so time is restricted now, but I have money haha even better, I'm working in a Welding Fabrication shop, so I can get quite a few things done at work, got myself a Prism style tank... For Free from a customer. Pretty happy but needs adjusting to fit the backbone. Gonna be building a new girder front end which means I'll get the 70's look. Need a new headlight with hi-lo beam options. Will keep the thread updated when I can. But I'm doing 12 hour days, 5 days a week. nice to see somebody is still interested hopefully finished by mid Summer.
  3. got the headlight, taillight, and switches through... Starting on getting wiring in place today. Will give you details when it's done.
  4. So as progress has been slow and steady, funds ate still tight, enthusiasm is *believe it or not* still quite high, purchased a new sprocket cover, headlight, tail light and plate mount, bundle of switches, and a crap ton of cable... So after rebuilding the carbs I'm approx 2 weeks away from kicking her over and having all the electricals sorted. Once that is done I can focus on getting her road ready, polished and painted up. And ready for the show ground... Riding there of course no trailer queen here..
  5. Looks smart, and yeah I did a very detailed looked at the wiring of the US and Canadian Models and it does appear that for the E (80' onwards) and the L (81' onwards) they went to Electric start only. But only in the US. The UK (my location) didn't get the all electric versions til 84' but if I'm correct we also never received the kick version of the GSX... Whereas the US and Canada did. Talk about confusing aye haha. Regards Luke
  6. try and get some images up, every image I've seen of a 550E has a kicker. Unless the PO have removed the kicker, plugged the hole and gone full electric. Luke
  7. The GS had several variations, including the 550E which was the "sports model" of this particular bike, which had a square headlamp, and some had a front bikini fairing. So it is very possible yours has no kick from the factory, and a very crude CDI ignition. Which is still mounted where the "breaker points" on the none sport variant are located. I have a pre CDI and with Kick start GS550 from 1979. If my manual is correct there are around 6 models of the GS550 line of bikes. But in the 80's the GSX became available making the GS series a "sports tourer" per se. My 2. Cents Luke
  8. Are you sure it is a GS and not a GT? all the GS's had kickers right up til 84'... Unless the PO had the kicker removed?
  9. I'm glad mine has stock ignition, I prefer points over electrical, easier to work with and diagnose. Well as part of my weight saving program I have removed the starter, as these older bikes have Kickstar, whoop whoop. Advantage to a kick start also is "whose gonna risk their leg to steal a bike" haha
  10. This is the points system, as you sit on the seat it is on the right hand side of the motor. Luke
  11. Dusty, They swapped to CDI in around 85 I believe. My manual shows only breaker points from the 78' model through to the 84' model. Luke
  12. That pick up deal is the Breaker Points. Which lead out to the fuse box then back upto the coils... I believe, my loom was barely there. Mine is a full custom loom. Kind Regards Luke
  13. They don't use a CDI box, same as most pre 90's bikes they use Breaker Points, a CDI could be used and tuned for it but you are talking about a lot of extra wiring and effort, if you have no power going to the coils you may need to either adjust your breaker points or replace them. I should have this engine turning over in the next week or so, new carb plunger on the way and a Regulator/Rectifier, which I only paid the cost of postage for. once they arrive I will be fitting the new parts and getting the motor turned over. kind Regards Luke
  14. I'm awaiting a new carb choke plunger as the original was bent and wouldn't slide up nor down... That is in the mail to me, so once that is here I can rebuild the carbs and get them on. I van then get the battery wired up and i can borrow a mates life support machine... *upright fuel bag" so I can test fire here to check for any issues.
  15. Ok, so I'm a bit behind with the updates... This is where she is at the moment. Engines in and she kicks over. Need a few bolts for a few smaller bits, got a friend helping me with my loom, and welding the tank, will be hand making the tank and sending it off to be welded up, will be building my own guards using fiberglass to create 180* blanks therefore able to cut it down as far as I need to. Once I have my battery I can get the ignition wired up and check if she turns over... Need a new Choke Plunger though one of the plungers was bent and jammed. Removed through the use of hot water and compressed air haha. Updates coming up soon