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  2. Well,, IT'S DONE !!! Well,, to quote Jerry Garcia,,, "What a long strange trip it's been". 3 summers,,,2.5 years of trial and errors attempting to get my shit so it doesn't mock everyone else's shit. Just a small list of mods and stuff I have done in the name of want. 1978 XS frame,,1982 engine,,,VooDoo Vintage MK25 tail,,,Power Dynamo timing/ignition,,,single VM34,,,Wiseguy 2 into 1 intake,,,custom "F"pipes,,,12" mini apes,,,16" spoked drum rear,,,19" front with factory disk,,, old fuel filler removed on tank and replaced with center fill,,fuel sight tube on tank,,,stretched 5" lowered 3",,,shaved cases,,,custom forwards,,,Harley tombstone tail light,,,fenders from MonsterCraftsman,,,530 chain,,,Probably a lot more Now that this one is done I am already thinking about the next one,,, I'm considering a monoshock frame,,,,Oh well but that's another thread. Attached or linked is a couple images and videos of it running. I KNOW the clutch is slipping on the video,,, it has been taken care of. Videos are after spending a day rejetting a single VM34 to run into a 2 into 1 intake from Joe Wiseguy. Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaGFH31gzws https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOUaFKm73Jo I need to resize some pics,,, will edit later,,
  3. Gonna try to do it this August/September.. First to Spokane Valley to see my son and his family then off to the coast to Seattle/Bremerton to see old friends.
  4. Just an update on a coupla things with the ride. (stretched 5" dropped 3") Got it painted and the wiring is mostly finished. Just have a coupla things to do. New 530 chain just arrived and I got yet another seat (not pictured) to try on. Here are a coupla new pics. I will be heading to LACONIA in June if any wish to get together. Will be staying in ANTRIM for 4 or so days
  5. Im from Mount Holly Springs,, 5 or so miles from Carlisle
  6. Hrmmm,,, wont let me change the material of the box,, oh well
  7. Waiting on some loonynum project boxes to get here from Ebay. Soon as they get here I will fit the fuse block and ignition module from the dynamo kit I got from HOOS racing. Taking care of elderly parents and working a pile of OT now at the job. I work in a datacenter for a fortune 100 company,,on the OPS team. We are ALWAYS short staffed and very busy. Next summer I have like 30 days off so I am gonna be riding this cross the country to Washington State from Pa. to see my new grandson,,, Have 20 days scheduled for the trip,, should be an interesting time,, HAHAHA
  8. Thanks guys for the kind comments. I literally went through many sets of bars and fenders along with a lot of other parts to find the look I was hunting for. I have 2 different seats on in the pics. One is a vintage Mustang drag seat and the bottom one is a LaPera that was for a sporty but I cut the back off of it and make it a solo. Did drop the seat by moving the bottom of the spring to the underside of the bar instead of the usual spot on top of the seat mount bar. Hopefully I will have it wired up in the next coupla weeks and begin the dialing in process. Only going to run the most basic necessities to make it "legal". thanks
  9. Couple more images
  10. Well I finally got around to building one after a 30 year hiatus from bikes while having a family. Now that all the kids are gone,,done with college and have their own lives ,,the last wifes support is ended , I finally had the cash to make the dream happen. Started with a flooded (literally,,it was in a flood and fully submerged) 1979 XS Special. Tore it down to bare frame and decided on the VooDoo Vintage MK25 hardtail. The one that is radius-ed. Started this project 2 years ago and am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. 16" rear,,19" front,,stretched,, lowered 3" ,,Redid the tank and shaved the case. Did a very cool set of "F" pipes too,, never saw any on an XS,, so I built a set. Running a stock engine now, but a 277 is in the plans for the summer (hopefully). Instead of a PAMCO I opted for the POWERDYNAMO setup from HOOS Racing. So here are a few pics,, let me know what y'all think.