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      ok sooooooooooooo here's the deal I am hoping to have a new hosting site by the end Nov middle of Dec That being said I have had only 2 peeps offering to help support the site So I think those who want to help should hold on to your cash till then. I do not want to take any money and then the site close (cause that would not be right) Many be can find some extra before then so no one has to pitch in. That's it for now Thanks WhiteWolf  


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  1. its a reliant A type axle & i've made the rear swing arm out of the old swing arm from bike using the pivot from the old bike swing arm & some steel box section
  2. 1st pic is of my yamaha xj650 before i started to trike it 2nd pic is of the back end i made to trike it 3rd pic is of a yamaha xj900 diversion which is like mine
  3. hi all i have a xj900 diversion which i am looking to make into a trike .i have the old trike swing arm & axle assembly off my old xj650 trike but was wondering if to keep it as a mono shock like on the xj900 or try & find a way to attach the dual shock .anybody have any ideas which is best .thank you all