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  1. silly question why are we tapping 14 ga... not much thread
  2. better hope the teacher dont see that,,, first to the office then probably suspended.... unreal!! but nice rocker
  3. hey what are all those nipple looking things on there ? almost never see that any more!! think last time i replace a x in a drive shaft choice was standard or hd same price..... hd had a grease fitting
  4. tonys page has been around for a long time... a LOT of info there
  5. talking less than 1/8" if the "engagement" is the same as it was on the original tree its probably okay as is but for safety sake, assuming the tree and stem are steel.. i would not hesitate to weld it my 3 cents worth (inflation you know)
  6. http://www.flutterby.com/images/2012/10/01/hf_tool_sale.pdf
  7. personally i like a wide trike. havent narrowd the rear at all
  8. i think you may find you will get a much better ride if you get the pivot point on the rockers at least an inch the axle.. i have build a lot of leading links works better on them gotta be same for a springer
  9. is the stick welder you have a dc welder? if so you can put a tig tourch on it... i have an extra air cooled on i could let you have pretty cheap
  10. same idea.. different configuration.... been done for years
  11. dont care about reviews on that machine ...dont waste your money!! like some one said ... spend your money right the first time even if you have to waiit to get the good stuff....
  12. geeeez get her a bench so she can get up off the floor
  13. guess i am not charging enough... especially putting my name on stuff!!!
  14. it all depends on what you are doing... best bet is to try to talk w the welder first often people do stuff thinking they will help me by doing a weld prep but grind too much ...or do some tacking..but. dont clean off some old braise or rust first... too many times they would be better to just bring it in 1st..
  15. whats wrong w the welder