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  1. Super slick, as always
  2. Sk-whore! Looks good
  3. What the fuuuuuucccckkkkkk!?!!!?!!?! He lives! Welcome back, Blackjack
  4. I forgot to add the suckage part. Grabbed it for $200!! The motor conversion is so that I can slow it down enough to cut steel. If you run a dimmer switch type dealio it lowers the power and the 1/2 HP motor will stall in the thicker cuts. A 2.5 HP treadmill motor with pulse wave modulation lets the motor get full juice at any speed.
  5. Been hunting for a big bandsaw for a while. Anything decent goes quick, and even reliant knock offs are going for $300. Found this down in Rhode Island, about 10 years old, bought it from the original owner. Guy only used it for woodwork. I think I'm going to do a DC conversion with a treadmill motor and make it a dedicated metal saw
  6. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it. You could probably fit a pack of hounds in it
  7. Holy mother of long chops!!!! 102" wheel base? That's as long as a Ford Mustang whatever you you do for a seat I hope you cover it in the brown that was on the original bike.
  8. That swing arm looks good. Nice work as usual
  9. Looks cool.
  10. Sorry, meant to say nice work. Stupid autocorrect.
  11. That's cool. Not work
  12. That is true. I upgraded mine
  13. That engine looks much better in the frame than the first one. Better off without the jackshaft. Looking good
  14. That is wild.
  15. Got this coupon in an email for the HF table lift for $290. I'm tempted to buy another one. That's a pretty good price.