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  1. Nice work ! That's one of the best looking virago chops that I've seen.
  2. Nice upgrade. The wheel chock on my hf lift is my only complaint and I really need to do something about it.
  3. That is one cool duc !
  4. That thing is super cool ! I'll bet that spring weather can't arrive soon enough for you with thoughts of cruising on that sweet ride.
  5. I guess this is why I grew up being told to be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. I have been hoping they would build a scout but I never imagined that it would be uglier than a hat full of assholes !! I love my sporty even more after seeing that abomination.
  6. It sounds good ! This build is gonna be cool.
  7. yeah the rotor and stator were built into the clutch and can be a problem.
  8. You should start with a fiber plate and end with a fiber plate unless my memory is playing tricks on me. Your problem could be that the clutch actuating ramp was positioned incorrectly, If you need pics go to xlforum and look in the transmission and clutch section and there is a sticky thread at the top of the page of clutch install in a '06 sporty. It should be nearly the same on all evo sportys.
  9. It's a common issue but easily fixed as long as you catch it before it jacks up the clutch basket. I have an energy one for my sporty but I still haven't installed it yet.
  10. Nice job, I love this bike !
  11. Daytona twin tech is a good ignition for the sportsters and buells.
  12. I was going to suggest Ricor shocks to you because of the rave reviews on xlforum but I just looked at the price, $629 OUCH !!
  13. I'm not sure but I think Jireh used to have the 11 inch air shocks for road kings. I have the longer road king shocks on my bike and they are worlds better than the stock pogo sticks.
  14. A fork brace also makes a huge difference on a sporty.
  15. You could give the down tubes some pool cue style accents. I saw that before and it looked pretty good.