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      ok sooooooooooooo here's the deal I am hoping to have a new hosting site by the end Nov middle of Dec That being said I have had only 2 peeps offering to help support the site So I think those who want to help should hold on to your cash till then. I do not want to take any money and then the site close (cause that would not be right) Many be can find some extra before then so no one has to pitch in. That's it for now Thanks WhiteWolf  


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  1. got frame sandblasted,trying to decide between 2 oil tanks,I am currently drilling 2 holes in rear of gas tank for pet cocks to get max as out of tank,and I am relocating the gas cap to the top of tank frisco style.Time and money not on my side plus lack of knowledge on brit bikes.
  2. I forgot to add,the bottles are the ones with the spigot
  3. Ok,after working at the shop for a bit,I got used to refilling my spray bottle from larger jugs with a spigot, well after buying the big bottles of laundry soap,I realized I could reuse those same type bottles. I have 2 so far,1 filled with decreased and 1 filled with PB blaster. I use spray bottles for my penetrating oil because I got tired of nozzles breaking off spray cans
  4. Blue bike not mine
  5. T here is no hole in the cases,I asked a triump b guy,he said not all had them.
  6. Working on it slowly,time and money are rare these days.i took out and cleaned sludge tube and crank.started reassemby,intake cam wheel was kicking my ass,but it is together on timing side,now I have to put pistons and jugs,then dial it in with can wheel
  7. the motor came apart fairly easy,only had one broken gear so I guess that isn't too bad.The idler gear was broken and 4 teeth missing.I bought a replacement set,so that is covered.I am hoping to get the sludge tube opened this weekend and check it,I took the center bolt out from the crank throw,the one that keeps the tube from spinning,I looked down with a light,not plugged up too bad from the little I can see
  8. ok,I have been away a bit,bought some parts and a buffer,buffed out some engine covers and got the motor apart.I am making progress but lack of funds is keeping me down,that and the water main breaking going into the house and having to fix that too.
  9. Brit bike,rare by today's standard.nice score
  10. yup,making a tall bar,just got the last of the pullers I need to pull the bottom end apart,my lack of funds and low ambition in frigid weather make it hard to want to do anything.I try not to do any mechanical stuff in the house itself as it is my girls house and I do not want to destroy it.When spring arrives i will be painting the frame and getting the exhaust ceramic coated.I am still unsure of the lights so far,I do not know if I want stacked headlights or a single light up front.I have just aquired a boyer ignition and a volt regulator so I can go battery less
  11. this is my triumph 650 engine stand,built from a bent load bar,scrap flat stock and bed frame,total cost,zip,just labor,about 2 hrs with set up,cutting,welding,measuring and clean up.this can probably be mad for any engine,but I do see a lot of guys with jap engines use angle iron and a regular car engine stand
  12. ok,here are the engine stand pics,while building and after paint.I made this stand from an old load bar a driver bent,some scrap flat stock for the engine mounts and piece of an old bedframe for the legs
  13. I will watch the beginning again and let you know.i do know you will need special pullers to remove the cam gears,the crank gear,the clutch hub and stator,also you will need a tapered guide to align the points drive seal over the shaft.
  14. First off I will start with this,I do not know Wes White,never heard of him until I bought this video.I have been watching the video a couple chapters at a time as I am getting ready to build my first triumph.This video and the way Wes explains everything and the camera angles are top notch.I have built small block chevy motors in the past but as we know,they are not so difficult.I was going into this project very nervous like,but after watching this video so far,i think I can handle it.Wes,thank you for making such a great instructional video.if anyone else watched it,please chime in any of your own thoughts
  15. ok,got some unity spotlights off fleabay,20 bux for 2 shipped,they are bigger lights and fortunately for me,one of my extra sporty headlights fit right in.I just need to buff them at work to finish up cleaning them,they were green when I got them,hit them with brillo and big difference.