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  1. here are pics as promised front turn signal brackets powder coated and put on with rear fender laying on the side of the freeway
  2. i was coming home from watching a rugby match and the damn fender fell off on the freeway......i didnt make it so not completely my fault...update pics this weekend
  3. put some 10" bars on drilled out the main jets it runs better i bought a jet kit for it..i will put those in when i make put the velocity stacks on...maybe this winter
  4. made some turn signal mounts i am taking them to work and powder coating them will get mounted soon
  5. rode it to work for the first time the it runs very lean..
  6. ii was cleaning house and told my neighbor i was selling this 77 kz1000 that i hadn't touched in 3 years then he tell's me i will trade you for this it a 95 honda vlx600 it had no seat on it so i started to make a seat pan i ended up with an old tractor seat the fender came with it i just painted it and put it back on
  7. i ended up moving and this got put on the back burner for a few years then i just parted it out.
  8. looks good and just think now you have someplace to add a nitrous injector
  9. i have a scooter just like that one in the back ground....you need a parts bike
  10. your last statment in the video say's it all.........f**kin sweet
  11. i took my riding test on a bike like that lots of fun to ride that thing
  12. i saw that just a little while ago and would like to have it but my kids want things for xmas so i guess i wait
  13. the second one down on the right kind of looks like my wifes dog