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  1. not a fan of the digital, plus I have a vintage speedo / headlight combo i really like, hate to remove it to put on something I don't
  2. problem is, i have is I'm using a husquvarna wheel, and i am not sure if it will cable to the speedo, and a stock one is $75 just to see if it will work...i did try to google it, obviously with no results, so I thought I would see if anyone else had experience with it.....really don't want a digital, i think they are tacky, and will ruin the vintage look I am going for
  3. thanks for the welcomes....yeah that was pointed out right after i put it together...been changed for a while...this was my first build, and I learned ALOT!
  4. I have a cable speedo, and want to hook it up to a wheel that currently doesnt have a sender, is there a universal sender, or maybe a digital that will work with my cable gauge....it is a 21" wheel if that helps
  5. I've been a member here for a while, and I am starting a new post for her as my old one is almost 10 years old and I've taken time to do a build sheet...and as with the rest of my life, a new start is in order..I will try to keep this updated.... This is Gertrude Shagnasty III, my chopper modeled after the jammer / bar hopper bikes of the 70s. Hence the the very low seat (only about 2 feet from the ground ) and even though they are not ape hangers the bars are a bit of a reach at about 4 -4 1/2 feet from the ground....it also has mid control which were common on this style bike....before I give the specs....a little history....I built this bike about 10 years ago with my 2 year old daughter by my side....she learned to turn a wrench on this bike. I had it pretty much done just needed tail lights wired when I decided I didn't like the fender / sissy bar / taillight setup...so I tore it partially apart and shortly after, I went through a very ugly split up and the bike went into storage. a month ago I went and picked up the bike and have been working on it again. it was the first time it has seen daylight in over 4 years....as for the specs. It has a stock motor and rear wheel that is pretty much it. Everything else is custom or modified. Bottom swing arm is lengthened 2 inches and the back bone shortenend 2. I removed the spring and the space left was perfect for a piece of 2 x 2 stock. all extra tabs, brackets etc were removed, but holes were not welded shut, and the coil packs are in the factory location. The forks (which are 4" longer than stock) and front wheel are 1976 Husqvarna 250 dirt bike and the wheel is 21". they fit perfectly into the stock yamaha neck braces, which where cleaned of any odd brackets ( including stock headlamp mounts), reshaped and left brushed loonynum...no clear coat. The tank is a 125 Yamaha metal dirt bike....mid 80s maybe. It has been Frisco'ed and has an external fuel gauge, chris craft gas cap, and is mounted with chrome lug nuts over a piece of 1" rubber. The headlight is a yamaha speedo / light combo, another dirt bike part from the 70's, and are mounted with traditional yamaha side bracket holders.. Straight pipes have an upsweep then wrapped in fiberglass wrap and tractor clangers keep the water out and the neighbors annoyed. Electric box is and old first aid box topped off with one of my old belt buckles.As for the fender..... it is simply a basic Tractor Supply flat trailer fender that was seriously shortened. Seat is large exercise seat wrapped in rough leather and lots of saddle oil, then mounted on 2 schwinn springer fork springs. battery box is run of the mill basic yamaha from the 70's with a large solid brass dollar sign......just to class the place up a bit...lol there is no p-pad, but if she is brave enough, the fender can hold them, and feet go in my lap,,,,no rear pegs, as for front pegs they are old rail road spikes I "found" when i lived near the tracks. handle bars are upside down clubman's which give a little more height with out being uncomfortable ape hangers...(this bike sits really nice, and I already have to reach, no need to ride with my hands extended over my head). controls are basic and mostly modified dirt bike controls, handle grips are copper, and the bike and several dashes of brass and copper throughout....hopefully more to come. At the time I built this, primer rods were not near as popular as they are right now, I was tired of hearing how primer guys were lazy, and lacked imagination.....so I painted it 2 tone primer grey and red oxide, the red being a camaro style 3 part pinstripe here it is fresh out of storage . and a couple old pics my now 12 year old helping
  6. Thanks I hafd found that. what I meant was I didn't see what was funny about it?
  7. ? I know i've been gone a while but I must be way out of the loop?
  8. I have a 400 which is also a small yammy twin. I elongated it 2 1/2". I'm 6' 225# and it feels real good, but looks real tiny when I ride it but I like that. it is a maxim so it's got plenty of power to pull my weight well, it will lift the front tire easy. the quality isn't very good but you can get an idea of the size difference.
  9. I love the clth wire where did you get that?
  10. I use to come around on here a while back but have been gone for a while. Now that the fix is gone I will be around more. Most of the guys from over there can tell you I don't know alot about bikes but I help however I can. I can be pretty handy at drummin stuff up, and I LOVE to swap. I prefer to trade over selling. Anyway, on to the bike. It was a 400 maxim by yamaha. I did all the choppin myself except welding the hard tail, it was done by my brother but I was there during the whole ordeal. I built alot of the parts, but some are reworked throw-offs from other bikes. I will try to get some more pics off parts but there are none on this comp. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get alot of miles on this because during the chop I lost the title and have been fighting with the dmv to get a new one. right now the back fender is being redone. but when I get around to it I am going to try and get a custom build title for it. I would prefer to get a neck and title but I have been looking for over 3 years and still haven't got one, so I think that will be my only choice.
  11. I need a wiring diagram for a 1982 yamaha xs400 maxim asap. I bought one that I was told it would work but it won't and now I'm trying to get this thing going for next week and don't have time to buy a book.
  12. I have a project that I need some welding and / or brazing done on a brass piece. if your interested let me know.