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  1. Just started building again with this one for a buddy. Amen Savior with five inches of forward stretch
  2. Yeah, customer stuff is MORE IMPORTANT....like my supercharger motor! Get to work!
  3. Red, you gonna post some pics or what? Damn!
  4. Sprockets? Yeah, well sorta. The stock ratio will do the ton. You don't NEED highway gears. I did it on the Lowlife running 18/46 which to many people is already a high ratio more for stop light drags, But my fat ass needed a big bore motor to get there. Roadkill did it on his Dad's Amen rigid chop. I was there to see it. I bet he has done it on his own Amen Savior as well. I did 90+ with a stock 77' motor in one of my Amen Saviors. I bet it would have made the ton if I hadn't chickened out. The bike I am riding now (Fatso) will do it. Just haven't got all the bugs worked out of that bike yet to go there. This summer maybe,
  5. Looks great! Boy does than rear sprocket look so small to me!
  6. They look like the ones from Cycle X is my guess.
  7. Any progress? Dammit Red, get to work!
  8. Any progress?
  9. Did you make the hard tail? Would it not be better and more clean to put a "U" bend in there to replace that stock seat rail joint? Then you could fish mouth the back bone as it comes into the hoop. It would look much better IMHO.
  10. Cool, I had to sign in with photobucket to see the video just in case anyone else has an issue.
  11. Cool bike! Keep us posted. I'd like to see this one completed for sure Where is Sconnie?
  12. Holy Crap! Dylan, where the hell have you been? lol
  13. Sure, do it. That's what welders are for!
  14. Yeah that frame looks a tad different and a bit smaller. From the pics one would think a cb750 would not fit. Where did he score the Finch springer?