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  1. Wasnt there an upper motor mount stock?
  2. looking good brother, I was hoping to have a new project in time for moonshine, but that is not in the cards for this year......
  3. love this upgrade, I have been thinking about building one for my lift table, but for $100 bucks, I will probably just buy one. I am curious, how does this table handle your road glide? I have had my goldwing up there, and it is solid, but the road glide is quite a bit heavier.
  4. what seems to be the hold up?
  5. So, where you at work this old girl?.... Been awful quiet for quite a while....
  6. SHE LIVES!!! I got her fired up!!! Now to just set the timing, and sync the carbs. Hope to have a video soon!!! That $19 junkyard ignition that MrRiggs posted is awesome!!.
  7. Well, another winter has passed, and I have been diligently working on this bike. Late last year, I struggled with the paint. Originally we were going to do a deep purple color. I managed to get the front fender done, two attempts on the tank, and that was done, but the rear fender......Oooohhhh the rear fender.... Every time I painted that (which was three) it ended up Barney Purple. I didn't do anything differently that I did on the other stuff, I just couldn't get it... Sooo, Gizzie told me "Rikki doesn't want to be purple, Lets paint her Black".....so, with that she got a flat black paint job. I finally hung the tins last week. I have pretty much everything done, just need the new spark plug wires that are in the mail, and hopefully I can fire her before we head to Moonshine this thursday. I will get some pictures some time this week, and maybe if we're lucky, a video of her running. This has been a much longer road than I had anticipated, but we are finally coming to the end.
  8. +100
  9. I have one for the bike I am building.... Haven't used it yet though..... Should be in the next few weeks....
  10. Dirka has a homemade air ride on the seat on Charlene..... It is awesome .... Super comfy.
  11. http://xs650temp.proboards.com/thread/7899/19-junkyard-electronic-ignition I installed this on Gizzie's bike. I will be testing it here in the next few weeks.
  12. somethin' ain't right there....I would definitely be taking it apart to see why it doesn't sit straight.
  13. Right and left side are as you sit on it....depends on the brand of gasket....Athena gaskets have a special heat activated coating.....not sure about the rest