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  1. That one was unique even beater in person
  2. Have to say that's one of the coolest looking "bitches" ive seen done in awhile
  3. ride safe and keep your freedoms alive and well.

    hope to see you out there.

  4. amal all the way thats all i got to say.
  5. fatbob tanks do not go on sportsters thats right up there with putting a sportster tank on a bsa. are you going to zap some welds on that bolton?
  6. i took my bolton hardtail and cut the top rails off of it and made it a weldon - of course it took a jig to do it right. but man does it look a million times better .
  7. if an oif frame is hardtailed and not gussetted correctly- there is possibilty of the frame cracking.
  8. if the tassles stay and you add some fringe to the seat this bike had best be painted pink . it will make everyone soooo jealous
  9. well with mids you can at least lift your butt off the seat going across bumps and railroad tracks. i wouldnt even paint the beast . scuff it up clear it all and call it a day . ratrod look
  10. believe it or not i actually hink the tank with the flat fender and sisbar and bars look all good on that . and i would ru n mids but then im not real tall . big note- lose the tassles lol
  11. yup thats a winning set up in my mind right there.
  12. ooooo i see great potential in that pos
  13. worth another post and pic of that. i call that a black beauty there
  14. now that i even like. its art on wheels. what a way to use an oil in frame