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  1. Couldn't resist for $250. just needs be cleaned up
  2. Hey All. Couple years ago some had a great set of plans on here for a bike lift. Anyone got the plans or a link?
  3. Thanks they are mac drag pipes.
  4. Thanks Guz. The detail is what took so long. I didn't want to regret not doing something right the first time only to rework it after it was done.
  5. Thanks you're right about the kong thing but it also involves cutting the front down tubes tubes and spacing them about 3 inches.
  6. Thanks guys. Beeza did the leather on the seat.
  7. more
  8. A few more pics.
  9. This all started 8 years ago with two trailers of cb 750stuff I got for $500. After going through every thing I found a set newly machined 836cc cylinders Stillin the plastic, asset new set of Wiseco pistons to go with the cylinders. Niceoversized cam. A small treasure in sandcast goodies. Plus 4 engines, 5 frames Shocks, front ends,wheels, seats tanks. Flogged all the misc stuff to make room and got to work.This build is at four years . Unfortunately I only had limited time to work onit. Plus trying to fit all the odd years of parts together as well as buildingthe rear end took forever. We got it as far as we could and got the final wiring andcarb sync done an awesome shop in Guelph Ontario. http://www.mattsmotorcycles.com/ Great bunch of guys. They did a ton of little things to helpme out. Thanks to all the guys on the board for the help andpatience through out the years. Could not have done it without all the help. Engine; 1974 CB750K Tore down to empty cases and built up from scratch. Rebuiltby Brad Prong. Top fuel motorcycle engine builder. Cambridge Ontario. Over sized 836 pistons. Wiseco. New with trailers of parts. Performance cam. Unknown origin. Came with parts. New valve springs. Manley #22916. Swap meet Over sized cylinder bolts. Swap meet. Rebuilt head. Friend did it for a seat of Seca 400 plasticstuff Rebuilt carbs Friend did it for a seat of Seca 400 plasticstuff Dyna electric ignition. Tommy Summers 3 Ohm Dyna coils. Tommy Summers Rectifier regulator combo. Tommy Summers Dyna wires Tommy Summers 750SS oil pan. Stew Oil tank is a one of a kind ( Prismish) made by Bones and me Battery box is SS home made New drive gears and chain. Tommy Summers. Frame Cb 750 frame 1974. konged 3.5 “ in front and droped a bunchin the back. Thanks Kong. Cb 900 SuperSport front end, 19 inch tire and rim, Swap meet Cb 650 rear tire and rim with a cb 750 cush drive. Trailerload of parts Cb 650 swing arm 1.5 “ longer than 750 stock. Guy I boughtthe stuff from came buy two weeks later with it . Funny, I wanted one and it showed up. 11 inch HD rear shocks. Tommy Summers New roller neck bearings kit. Tommy Summers V-Star risers with homemade lift blocks. Freebie HD handle bars 1”. Harley of some sort. Freebie HD hand controls and Master cylinder. Dr Philgood Jesse James Rear fender. E-bay. Built rear end around it. Jesse James front fender ( bolted right on to the Honda front end). Web Head James. Seat is fibre glass pan, covered by me Tail light is a HD tombstone with signals attached. Ebay Head light is a Gatlynn brothers. All mounts hade to becustom made, swap meet special. HD Sporty Gas tank. Brand new. Traded for a few joints…. New Petcock. TommySummers Acewell Speedo
  10. That would be Zdenos. He will sell you a rusted dented tank for $150 and then metion he has the petcocks for an extra $70.
  11. Guys do the car tire thing all the time in my VTX club. Google VTX dark side . Loads of info there. Or go to VTXOA and search the forums.
  12. Hey all I am working on some wiring and was wondering I need a 3 or a 2 position ignition switch. It is for cb750. I am using a run button and stater button if it matters. Thanks
  13. opps I ment clutch,
  14. Anyone know how to connect a Cb750 clutch cable to a Harley lever?
  15. At least I stop when I start arguing with myself :whistling: