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  1. Can't wait to see this one done
  2. Like the color. Looks great. The only thing I don't love is the tank pads, but your bike your style!
  3. UPDATE!
  4. Ordered a LedSled Rear Fender made to my specs, Hardtail bag (to hide wiring in), my axles spacers, bearing adapters, and 4.5" riders tonight. UPDATES NEXT WEEK HOPEFULLY!
  5. Ok, so I know there are some who liked the stock tank, but I'm hell-bent on using the King Tank (mostly because it was a gift from my wife when we were still dating). Only update I have is, I made all mounts for the tank, and also received my adapter to make the tank EFI Compatible. Pics are off the process. This is the adapter plate I received. Made by Panic Cycles. The opening I made in the bottom of the tank... The adapter tacked in place... and the finished product.... More to come this weekend hopefully. On a double outage at the Powerplant(S), but this weekend hopefully I will have the rear fender on and mounted!
  6. Okay, I need opinions. . . . . . . I've got my preference, but what do you guys think? Stock tank or King tank? Also, First picture is with a Ledsled seat pan I plan to do custom leather on, below is with Biltwell Seat. Which one? Stock is pictured below, and king tank pictured in original post. Thanks.
  7. A nice pair of slippers and pjs. Maybe a cigar and a glass of Bourbon. Get real comfortable. ] Ha ha sounds comfortable to me
  8. Haha, Thanks. No updates yet, should be ordering Rear Fender, Battery, & a few other goodies this weekend, so I will have some fun fab work to do!
  9. If you are like me, you always want the best results for cheap. Check this thread out, and scroll down until you see a guy's painting samples. I've done this before on parts, paintings for the house, amps, and models. Use Seran Wrap or Plastic Bags. I've had pretty good results, but get comfortable before trying it on your tank.
  10. Looks good man. I would like to build something like this
  11. I love T-Dubs. I took my motorcycle test on one. Like the new project too....builder's log on it yet?
  12. +1 on an update, can't wait to see it when it's done
  13. Your nephew is going to grow up and be scooter trash----AND IT'S YOUR FAULT!!! Kickass man, I have a few more years and I'll have my son something of this nature.
  14. Absolute Artwork...Wish I had 1/4 of the talent & Equipment you have.
  15. Awesome....I'm partial to Irons 'cause I have one. I am glad to see I'm not the only one modifying a new bike. I got alot of funny looks when I was talking about cutting a new bike apart to hardtail. And even more funny looks when I actually did it.