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  1. them H F ones are the ticket for 299!
  2. nice looking old ford
  3. nice work !
  4. nice!
  5. that aint good
  6. looks great!
  7. looks good whats the rear end from?
  8. no clue, but joe is a trike guy on here.
  9. nice when your done!
  10. that will slow you down
  11. heck yea!
  12. STELLER!
  13. looks great!
  14. good work!
  15. sounds cool do it!
  16. yepper!
  17. its good your working a guy can always goof off. good deal you can build parts at work with good equptment
  18. I like those gold wings
  19. everything looks great!
  20. Are you riding that rascal yet?
  22. Nice Frame!!
  23. UPDATE
  24. good news, are you going to pimp it out with a nice paint job?
  25. slow but steady it will be nice when your done