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  1. Haven't seen this one pop up in a while. I like what you did for the tank mounts.
  2. I'd ride it
  3. I personally like the seca wheels better
  4. Bitchslap, hahahahaha.
  5. least offensive lace i could find, really dident want flowers all over, but i know what u meanSent from my iPhone using Tapatalk I know what you mean on the flowery lace. Around Halloween, take a trip to the fabric store. Lots of spooky lace, spiderwebs and shit like that. It's not that it looks bad or anything. Actually kinda grows on ya. Just that the first thing that came to mind was coach bag or that hat guy meme. lol.
  6. Kinda cool, but it reminds me of a womans purse.
  7. Looks just fine how it is, now go ride the wheels off of her.
  8. I'll keep your offer in mind when the time comes to start building. I was gonna pull a lot of measurements off of the frame it came in. I'm a bit of an eyeballer, meaning I figure out what looks good to me and do it. I have no idea what rake, stretch, total length and all of that yet. I very well may end up with a frame tacked together out of conduit before I start on the real thing, just so I can work it all out without spending a ton on tubing. Too bad you're so far away. I'm diggin the stuff you've been building, especially that last one....wow! Maybe next time I get get sent to our Dayton plant for work, I'll look you up for a beer & bullshit session.
  9. Not right now. Just figuring ti all out right now and planning out what needs bought. This is a long term project. Not rushing it and cutting corners. Still gotta make the jig too but I have most of the steel for it already. Just noticed you are from Ohio. Where abouts? I'm like 10mi from the upper corner.
  10. Fingered it out.... 10ohm resistor in line and run it to ground. Shows full tank and no more idiot light.
  11. I've got pics of every angle of the bike I posted, so it's all good. I guess a dual downtube could work if I run them parallel. Don't wanna make them wide spread like the red bike. Not that it looks bad but I'm using a Norton Atlas motor so it's fairly narrow. Other option I guess would be to call around to some local welding/fab shops and see if they could bend the 1 tube for me. You got me droolin over the denvers. Always loved his bikes since I was a kid. Oh and thanks for the suggestion on the HF bender but I'm gonna pass and buy a real one. Won a drawing recently and have $500 to spend on Amazon. Nobody on Amazon sells JD2 or Pro-Tools but they have the Woodward Fab WFB2. Die selection isn't quite as great as the other 2 but since I'm basically getting it for free, whatever.
  12. About to buy a bender and I'm probably only going to have enough left over for a single die right now so I'm starting to think about tubing size for the frame I'm planning. Been thinking straight outta the 70's long ass digger. My inspiration is the bike below. I had been planning on using 1" tubing with maybe a 1.5" backbone. I like that spindly look but every frame I look at like this has a thick downtube as well, which makes sense with all the stress. Since I'll likely be limited to a single die, and the downtube will need bent as well, what would you guys suggest for a one tube fits all solution? 1.25"? Again, I want it to stay fairly spindly, not all hulked out like most of the big guys have been throwing out there for the last few years.
  13. If it wasn't a brand new gauge, I might be tempted to do just that. I'm ok with it showing empty but that light is gonna get on my nerves. I never had a bike with a fuel gauge so I don't know shit about em
  14. I recently bought one of those universal electronic gauges from China. It's a KOSO knockoff. LINKY-LOO I'm installing it on my CB750 cafe and I've managed to figure out all but 2 wires so far... The gas gauge and the tach. I haven't even tried the tach yet because I've got exposed wiring all over the place right now but I think I've got an idea how to hook that up. That leaves the gas gauge, which the bike never came with in the first place. So what I want to do is figure out how to make it show full all the time so the damn idiot light isn't on. I've tried an assortment of random resistors running to both ground and hot and nothing make a difference. I would assume that most Jap fuel senders work in the same resistance range and would run to + like so: Gauge-----Sender (resistance)------Switched + Am I at least barking up the right tree? Any idea on the resistance value of a typical sender on a full tank?
  15. Thinking I'd like to wrap the header on the cafe. It's got a 4-1 yosh style pipe. I'd like to wrap it from exhaust ports to about 1 1/2 foot past the collector. If I go with 2" wrap, does anyone have an estimate how much I'd need? Hoping someone here has wrapped a similar pipe and can tell me how much they used.