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Found 7 results

  1. Picked this up off a buddy of mine. He moved back to Montana and couldn't take it with him so he gave it to me. No title. Its a shaft drive, rear frame section has already been cut. I got a bobbed fender waiting to be put on, bike is gonna get the flat black treatment, a custom seat, tall sissy bar, 17" apes, bullet turn signals, and is in need of a complete engine rebuild and a lot of electrical work. Thankfully it came with the original shop manual lol 3698 3699
  2. So, have been lurking around for some time and after a couple of beers and some whiskey I decided to start a build thread for my beloved ugly duckling.. This is my first ever build, so please, try to have a little indulgence It all started with I wanted a cheap project for the winter last November, so I ended up with this: And after an hour in the garage: Cutted down the sub frame: And I wanted to lower the tank, so I took the hammer and smashed it a bit: This is the "shocks" I'm going to use: Coming from Spitfiremotorcycles: Started to fit the shocks: Going to be a bit tight: And a mockup with the front fender as rear fender: Here is the shock mounts spot welded: That's where I'm standing at the moment This is the seat I'll be using: Front wheel on the pictures is coming from a DT125 I think, but it will be replaced with a 21" from a DR650R (Correct axle and rotor diameter..) Rear wheel is from a 1978 CB125T.. I'm think I will replace the handlebar for a Biltwell Frisco instead..
  3. Hey, fellas. Alright--here's my second attempt at an XV1100 bobber. Hope y'all like it! 1997 XV1100 Virago. Custom intake manifold for single-carb conversion. Relocated fuel pump underneath saddle behind battery box. King sporty tank with widened tunnel and factory mounts/plumbing (from original Virago tank). Custom saddle made by shaving down original seat pan and recovering. Custom z-style handlebars (10" tall, 18" tip-to-tip). Biltwell Kung-Fu grips. Side-mount vertical license plate with 1928 Ford Model A repop and "stop" lense. Amber LED headlight with Hi/Low ("halo" effect as low beam). Lowered suspension. Whitewall tires. Old panhead rear fender. Jack Daniel's bottle mounted as a reserve fuel tank. Removed entire vacuum system. Removed all gauge clusters, "dashboard," turn signals, and about 100 feet of "unnecessary" wiring. Ignition switch mounted into frame. All wiring run internally. Straight pipes. She's low and loud and scary fast! Next projects will be a scrambler for me and a cafe racer for my lady!
  4. Well first off im new here. New to bikes too really. Been working on cars my whole life but my buddies family builds bikes and they got me to buy a 350 chopper they had sitting around. Motor was completely rebuilt before it was put on this frame. I plan on changing the bars and both fenders. Getting a sportster style tank. Painting the frame and wheels flat black. I plan on getting the 'Ricks' rectifier regulator combo, battery and coils to get it running before I tare it down completely. Motor needs mounted up right in the front as well. Hopefully shell be ready in the spring im already ready to ride. Sorry for the bad lighting in pics I didnt get the garage cleaned until 130am and the lighting isnt great. Ill post more pics tomorrow when its lighter. And keep updating as I do more work. So anyone know of a good site for coils and points? Dimecitycycles seems to be the only site I can find. Anyways thanks for reading. If you have any input or suggestions i appreciate it. Btw my name is Hunter. Idk how I came up with NelsonLongPorch
  5. hi guys , new to forum. been checking out your bikes and i love em. Just thought I would share my progress. I found this bike in a barn it had been there since 1982. Being a Pastor I wanted an Amen Savior or an All Souls frame( just thought the PUN would be interesting) so I bought it cheap and made the 4 hour trip back to Gainesville Ga with it dragging behind my truck. Four hours gives you time for a lot of ideas, but i was stuck. didn't know which direction to go, CHOPPER, BOBBER, PRO-STREET. so i just sat and looked at it for a few weeks. I then decided to take it to the shop of my buddy Steve Bruce, "Ideal Custom Cycles" in Clarksville Ga for some inspiration. After much deliberation I decided not to chose one style but to try to incorporate all three styles into one build. pics are from first day home till now. Let me know what you guys think. i do have extra parts for sale in the for sale section under "8 spoke invader wheels and chopper parts if your interested
  6. Someone pulled one of these pics off my Flikr page. I forgot what a cool bike it was. I built it about 10 or 12 years ago. Engine and frame was an '81 650 Heritage Special if my memory serves me correctly 1980-81 Heritage Special 64 spoke wheels cross laced in 8 sets of 8 Clubman bars flipped upside down Cocktail shaker mufflers A weld on hardtail from KansasKustom Mustang tank with Krommet cap Accel coil Flat trailer fender Painted lower legs (black) Mini Speedo Spring solo seat Home made fake oil tank to house the battery, ignition switch and starter button Ran great, handling was awesome and it looked pretty cool. It was a fun bike A quick, cheap and easy build. These old 650 Twin Yammers make cool bikes. I think KansasKustom is still in business. The quality, fit and finish of his frame sections is unequalled by anyone. If you can get one you won't be disappointed he does perfect, top notch work. kansaskustom.com
  7. So I finished my GS750 this last winter, was too busy riding this summer forgot to post some pics, started with a $100 bike from a farm auction, no title of course, spent 4 months getting a title, rode it once and then started tearing it apart. All told I have less than $1000 in the bike including the purchase price, title, parts and tires. Rebuilt the carbs, new clutch cable, CB750 headlight housing, new tires front and rear, rebuilt brakes, new piston rings, new clutch steels and frictions, chopped 12" off the back of the frame ending just behind the upper shock mounts, capped the frame ends, added a 31 Ford Model A tail light, and rode all summer with a 1/8" steel seat pan. After months of "doesn't your ass hurt riding on that seat" I finally added some 1" seat cushion foam and covered it in marine grade vinyl to shut people up.