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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all! I am fairly new to this site and discovered it around the same time I decided to start my first chop. This bike was given to me two years ago with a rotting seat, flooding carburetors, and an absolute mess of electrical problems. I had toyed around with the idea of selling it, but I found a vintage shop manual on how to chop it and decided to give it a whirl. Stay tuned, Ill start posting pictures within the next couple of days.
  2. Im wanting to cut 3-5 inches out of the center of my cb750 gas tank to shorten its length and then weld it back up. Problem is its been used before, and I know for sure that its had gas evaporate into it. Someone told me that cutting and welding a used gas tank like so is about as dangerous as trying to wrestle a hungry grizzly-bear while wearing a suit made out of raw meat and honey (Im paraphrasing of course.) I've seen some guys on this site cut and weld old tanks though. I am a welder by trade, and I've always been told not to weld on fuel tanks. Im coming to you all for opinions and tips on this one.
  3. Hey guys Im looking for a modern alternator that will fit a '74 cb750. Im pretty sure the old model cb750s used magnetos instead of alternators right? Does anyone know how I can sit an alternator up to fit it, and which ones will work?
  4. So I steam cleaned the bike to find the leak. Its the drain plug. Changed the oil and the crush washer. Fill her up and run her and it still leaks. WTF! Now I dont generally tork things with a tork wrench, that being said, can I have over tightened the plug and damaged the crush washer or am I looking for a hair line crack in my pan now? It tightens up very nicely. Could I have damaged threads and not know it? This is the second try at replacing just the crush washer come to think of it...