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Found 2 results

  1. So I bought a 1985 Kawasaki zn1100 from a guy on craigslist for $400. I don't know much about bikes but I have always wanted to build my own dream bike. Here is what I got so far. So I got it home and took the carburetor apart and cleaned the floats needles jets and bowls with carb cleaner. O-Rings were shot so bought some new ones. Put it together and put them back on the bike and nothing. the carburetor would fill with gas and flood. Wasn't until I found the schematic of how the pipes went and saw that they were hooked up wrong and whoever had it before me was using the vacuum line as the gas line. hooked up the lines where they needed to be and sprayed some starter fluid in carbs to get it going and viola. it turned on and stayed on for about 20 mins then turned off. I bought some Harley fat bob shocks and sanded and painted them orange and black. Orange is my favorite color so I think that will be my dominant color. but a flat orange and flat black. Also got the vetter bags and fairing with the bike so going to try and get them on there. The fairing is in pretty good shape except for the signal light cover being broken But for now baby steps. Have to get the carbs synced and then try to turn it on again so far sounds amazing and doesn't sound like anything is wrong. Also cut the mufflers going to try and put some screaming eagles on this bad boy. picked some up for $40 bucks so going to try and use them. Also picked up some 14 inch ape hangers and front light with the shocks for $35 bucks so far not that much money in to it . like I said I don't know much about bikes but this sounded like a good deal to me and so far its going ok. Any ideas would be much appreciated I will update as much as I can with as much as I can do to it. next step this weekend is to reseal the front forks. I saw what outlaw1640 did with the police edition kz1000 might go that route but with a little differences or just make a bobber out of it whichever one I decide this thing is going to be sweet....well at least that's what I see in my head
  2. Hello guys, nice to find a forum such as yours! Anyhoo, I'm going straight to the point. I -LOVE- choppers, but, as suspected, I'm on a not-a-dime budget. So a crazy little idea popped in my head. I already have a bike but it's a dual sport (Kawasaki KLE500). Would it be possible to turn that thing into a chopper without too much hassle? The engine's a 500cc inline twin which I'm fine with, not the most powerful but I don't really mind, it can get me where I want to without much hassle. And since no-budget's the main point here, I can't be complaining either. Now, my main problem seems to be the frame. Here's a picture of it partially stripped of the plastics: I'm thinking, remove the airbox, replace with pods so that a lower seat can sit there without much hassle. BUT, the rest of the frame that goes all the way to the tail seems to be a problem. Would cutting that whole part off be completely catastrophic? Secondly, I suppose I'll have to gather all the cables and electrics into a single box or something which, again, poses quite a difficult task, since, at least eyeballing the bike, there's no room to put it. Apart from that, I'm thinking replace the battery with a smaller, lithium one. Which, yet again, raises the question of charging it. If I have to take the bike apart every time I need to get it started it'll be one big PITA right there. And as far as I know they don't charge themselves with the bike running (please correct me if I'm wrong). Then, we got the wheels. I believe I can keep the ones it has on right now. Front's 21, rear's 17. I could be wrong, though, and that's why I'm here! Now to the exhaust. I haven't a clue what to do about that. Perhaps run a linear pipe parallel to the frame/ground? No idea whatsoever. All in all, I should note I have little idea about building motorcycles and that's why I'm here. Any help would be immensely appreciated!