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Found 1 result

  1. Makita 18v lithium-ion Milwaukee m18 red lithium Dewalt 18v (old style battery) I was doing some tap work today at work so I thought I would do a comparison. Overall I guess I would pick the Dewalt because it had high speed was just that, FAST! The Makita was also very fast on high speed. The Milwaukee was very slow and even slower on low speed. Very annoying when tapping 10 , 1/4-20 holes per piece of 14 guage (.075") stainless steel. Tork value seems to go to the Dewalt but it maybe is because its spinning so fast. The Makita was the lightest in weight just by feel and the Dewalt the heaviest. Even though the Makita is litnium I could tell when the battery was dieing. The milwaukee not so much because it likes to die without warning in the middle of a work load. These are just 3 models we had in my department so...dont fault me for the battery difference. All in all I would by a Makita over this model Milwaukee. I dont have prices but my guess is the dewalt is tops in price. The makita does very well blasting all the holes with ease. I didnt start with a fresh battery so I wore one dead in about 50 to 60 holes.