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Found 3 results

  1. Ok guys, first bike thread on this page, this is my rolling chassis of a 1979 Suzuki GS550, full Hardtail, sprung seat, BSA C10 1946 Tank with Speedometer cavity. Motor is dual start, Electric or Kick, the electric start will be going, less wires to hide etc... Disc brakes front and rear which I will be hoping to swap out for some Wired wheels with drums, yet again, less wiring, no master cylinders to hide etc... Needs new Coils, throttle assembly, air filter/filters, mudguards, has a 2 -1 slash pipe exhaust for both sides... I picked this bike up for £500 + £100 delivery... This will be a winter project in my current Garage / shed which will be getting rebuilt in the spring.
  2. Hello all! I am fairly new to this site and discovered it around the same time I decided to start my first chop. This bike was given to me two years ago with a rotting seat, flooding carburetors, and an absolute mess of electrical problems. I had toyed around with the idea of selling it, but I found a vintage shop manual on how to chop it and decided to give it a whirl. Stay tuned, Ill start posting pictures within the next couple of days.
  3. Well first off im new here. New to bikes too really. Been working on cars my whole life but my buddies family builds bikes and they got me to buy a 350 chopper they had sitting around. Motor was completely rebuilt before it was put on this frame. I plan on changing the bars and both fenders. Getting a sportster style tank. Painting the frame and wheels flat black. I plan on getting the 'Ricks' rectifier regulator combo, battery and coils to get it running before I tare it down completely. Motor needs mounted up right in the front as well. Hopefully shell be ready in the spring im already ready to ride. Sorry for the bad lighting in pics I didnt get the garage cleaned until 130am and the lighting isnt great. Ill post more pics tomorrow when its lighter. And keep updating as I do more work. So anyone know of a good site for coils and points? Dimecitycycles seems to be the only site I can find. Anyways thanks for reading. If you have any input or suggestions i appreciate it. Btw my name is Hunter. Idk how I came up with NelsonLongPorch