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Found 3 results

  1. Ok guys, first bike thread on this page, this is my rolling chassis of a 1979 Suzuki GS550, full Hardtail, sprung seat, BSA C10 1946 Tank with Speedometer cavity. Motor is dual start, Electric or Kick, the electric start will be going, less wires to hide etc... Disc brakes front and rear which I will be hoping to swap out for some Wired wheels with drums, yet again, less wiring, no master cylinders to hide etc... Needs new Coils, throttle assembly, air filter/filters, mudguards, has a 2 -1 slash pipe exhaust for both sides... I picked this bike up for £500 + £100 delivery... This will be a winter project in my current Garage / shed which will be getting rebuilt in the spring.
  2. So I finished my GS750 this last winter, was too busy riding this summer forgot to post some pics, started with a $100 bike from a farm auction, no title of course, spent 4 months getting a title, rode it once and then started tearing it apart. All told I have less than $1000 in the bike including the purchase price, title, parts and tires. Rebuilt the carbs, new clutch cable, CB750 headlight housing, new tires front and rear, rebuilt brakes, new piston rings, new clutch steels and frictions, chopped 12" off the back of the frame ending just behind the upper shock mounts, capped the frame ends, added a 31 Ford Model A tail light, and rode all summer with a 1/8" steel seat pan. After months of "doesn't your ass hurt riding on that seat" I finally added some 1" seat cushion foam and covered it in marine grade vinyl to shut people up.
  3. Hello there,I'm new here and I want to change some things on my bike!!! Don't know a lot about bikes and this is my first one but I want to do some modifications on it. I was thinking to change the shocks into shorter ones! Was thinking to put shocks from a Suzuki Savage or from a Rebel 250 on it? Does somebody know if they will fit just on it? Also want to change the airfilter into pods but I don't know wich size of pods(diameter) I must put on and how the jets in the carb must be changed? Like the Bratstyled bikes a lot so I think this is going to be the look on it. Can somebody help me out with these things? And if somebody has some pics from GS 450 Bratstyle bikes! Always welcome!! I have a lot off pics from GS bikes in different styles but if you have some. And I love this Forum a lot. Great bikes and lovely pictures. Sorry for the English,I'm trying to do my best to do it right. Greetings from Belgium.