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Found 3 results

  1. As a hobbyist welder, I have either avoided doing any structural welding on my bikes, or when I have, I've designed the joint to have a secondary mechanical attachment to prevent a catastrophic failure if the weld is substandard. So, what training is necessary to be a reliably satisfactory welder, how does one get it, and how do you know when you're achieved a responsible level of expertise to tackle major stuff like building a frame? There's got to be something appropriate between going back to trade school for a welding certification, and just watching YouTube videos and trying to teach yourself.
  2. Im wanting to cut 3-5 inches out of the center of my cb750 gas tank to shorten its length and then weld it back up. Problem is its been used before, and I know for sure that its had gas evaporate into it. Someone told me that cutting and welding a used gas tank like so is about as dangerous as trying to wrestle a hungry grizzly-bear while wearing a suit made out of raw meat and honey (Im paraphrasing of course.) I've seen some guys on this site cut and weld old tanks though. I am a welder by trade, and I've always been told not to weld on fuel tanks. Im coming to you all for opinions and tips on this one.
  3. Im konging my cb750 frame, its a 74 model and Im not entirely sure what the frame material is. I just kind of assumed it was mild steel, which was probably a mistake on my part. I dont have a TIG or MIG welder and I planned on just using a 40 amp stick to weld the frame pieces back together. Someone recently brought it to my attention that the frame was probably chrome moly and couldn't be sticked. Im wondering how true this is? Is it safe for me to stick weld the frame parts back on, or is my seat area going to break free and leave me sitting on my chain?