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      If you want to keep this site up I need your help total cost to move this site to Godaddy will be $300.00 this will also include 2 years hosting then the total a year is less than $100.00 verses $937.00 a year come on guys to keep this site going whats it worth to you Carr has transferred the Domain name to me so it will be our site I can swing $100.00 a year can you swing helping with the transfer cost? if not I will close this site at the end of dec But we need to act by the end of this month 8 days to raise $300.00 Your call but don't come bitching to me cause we are shutting down Paypal  thechopperunderground@cox.net WhiteWolf

Triumph Rocket III Paint How-To

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Final post in this topic....

Layed down 9 coats of PPG MC161 clear with slow hardner over the course of three sessions. Never shoot more than three coats at a time or you will likely pinhole the clear and ruin the whole job. I finished by wet sanding with 1000/1500/2000 then buffed with 3m rubbing compound and finally meguires scratch X which is the secret ingredient. That mequires scratch x is magic in a bottle it really brings up that glass finish.

On to a forum members bike now I will do a thread for that one also....blue realistic flames and skulls....should be alot of fun.


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Anybody have any idea why I can't see the pics? Just black boxes that go to an error window when I click.

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They either got lost in the hack (most likely) or when the forum database got corrupted. Code punk would need to uploade them again.

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