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here are some I dug up

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these are not mine but just did this to get things started..............

homemade cycle lift. from a hospital bed.


homemade sand blasting cabinet. from a 50 gal drum


even a homemade dyno for motorcycles..................


blackjack's tubing bender. from a ford festiva.(hope you dont mind blackjack)


jeepurz motor lift....out of a hand dolie


shock compressor tool


these are just some that I have found on here. so lets jump in here and show the admin that they didnt make a mistake making this section. thanks.

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This page may be the coolest thing I have ever seen in my entire life

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:thumbup1::yahoo::taz: Im head to the shop to pull out one of my 55gal barrels and fab up one of those blast cabinets. thanks for posting

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