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This TIG Video is worth the money!

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TIG Welding Fundamentals with David Bird

If I were employed as a welder, I'd have to have some basic skills to get the job then the rest of my training would be in my own experience and learning from the experience of better welders than myself. That's not my situation though. I took a class at the local Goodwill that got me basically functional and now I'm a self taught, hack in a shack out back. In the class if you could run a half ass bead on loonynum and kind of stick some plates together you'd be doing as well as the instructor planned. When I got out of the class I knew I was welding, but I didn't know if I was welding well. I had a lot of room for improvement.

While nothing beats the wizened guidance of more experienced welders, a video like this beats nothing at all, by a long shot. He explains how to set up the machine in a no nonsense kind of way that really removes the mystery out of it. And of course he makes running the bead look easier than its going to be for the person watching this video. But the way this vid is shot really slows down the movement and allows you to see what's going on better than all of the YouTube videos I've ever seen.

The part that REALLY helped me to get better is that for the first time he shows what the weld looks like when too much filler is pushed in (or the weld's too Cool). And he clearly explains what undercut is and why it's going to brake your bike.

So if you are like me and are wanting to up your game on the TIG torch then this DVD may be worth your investment.

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