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Harbor Freight High Frequency TIG

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I wasn't sure whether to start a new thread or resurrect an old one, since there are already two different old threads on here about this unit, but Harbor Freight has discontinued their "High Frequency TIG with Digital Readout" (Model 98233). While it no longer shows up on their website, individual stores are closing them out for 30% off — $349. From various reviews online, it's a fairly decent unit for a mainland China build, and a pretty good deal at that price. It's definitely on the high end for HF; all their current TIG units are scratch (or "lift") start. The only real criticism I have read of this is that it does not come equipped for a variable foot pedal, it just has an on/off button on the handle.

I picked up the last boxed one my local store had. I have never done TIG and didn't want to invest a bunch of cash before I got a chance to play around with one. I had been looking at a similar Everlast unit, but this was about 2/3rd the price. Unfortunately, this one will be sitting in the box for a little while, because this is finally the excuse I need to run 220V to my garage.


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