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55CF Welding bottles - Good deal or ...?

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USAWeld has 55CF/1800 PSI welding bottles for $100 outright, including shipping:

Considering that I've seen refurb 40CF bottles going for $150 empty, is this a good deal?

I don't want to go with huge bottles because I'm looking to mount two on a two-welder cart: one pure argon bottle for TIG and MIG welding loonynum, the other one Argon/CO2 for MIG on mild steel. The web page does a pretty good job of warning you about not being able to fill it. It's an odd size and I have not looked into whether I have a local vendor who does fills instead of just exchanges. Is that the reason these are so cheap? [Related question: does anybody know who in the Kansas City area fills bottles?]

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