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Couldn't take the exhaust wrap anymore. It was rotting the pipes and looked like crap. Pulled them off Monday, and started hammering out some new heat shields out of stainless. Finished it up yesterday, then sanded, prepped and painted the pipes with some high temp ceramic in a can. 

Pipes are drying in the house and will get them back on the bike before Friday so I can cure them. 

Here's a pic before paint. 




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Thanks Joe! Just got the exhaust on. Going to finish curing it and then do some polishing before heading to the one show Friday night. 


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Still have the bike. Just been riding it on short trips and still posting on CL. Barely had any bites, though I think CL has been fucking me on the search parameters. 

Did some kinda shoddy painting on the tank I'm not overly proud of. 

If I still have it this winter I'll probably strip it part way down, re-paint the frame and tins, and maybe change up the seat. Might also ditch the ignition on the starter (very inconvenient).


Also moved. 


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She be gone. 

Sold her to a kool kat who's stationed up at Ft. Lewis in WA. He drove all the way down to Salem to meet me and pick up the bike. He's all about hardtails and wanted the jockey shift set up to throw back on there. I don't know if I can say I'm richer from the deal, but if anybody'll treat her right, it's that guy. 


As usual, my fuckin photos are somehow sideways. Fuckin iPhone. 


Also so ran across the truck I traded for the bike. Some guy down here where I live now bought it, and I just happened to run across it while riding around and checking the area out. 




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