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Turning between centers less work

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Much easier as opposed to removing the chuck, putting on the faceplate or "dog driver plate", cleaning the taper and inserting a solid center.  But it works just as well.
What you do, is to take a short piece of steel, perhaps 2" or so long, and  some convenient diameter.  Between , perhaps between 3/4" and 1" is a reasonable size for most 10" or 12" lathes. Material is not really important, although the softest steel may not be the best to use.   
Turn a 1" or so  portion of it down to hold in the jaws of a chuck, leaving a "step" that rests against the front of the chuck jaws.   Turn the piece around and put that part in the chuck.  Turn the remaining portion to have a 60 deg point on it, like a center.  It may be convenient to first turn it to a smaller diameter, perhaps 5/8" or so, leaving a short section of "collar" to rest on the chuck jaws to prevent slipping in.
Because that was turned in position, it is accurate even if the chuck is not, so long as it remains in position as-turned.   You can use the chuck jaws to rest a "dog" against.  
When you take it out, you lose position, but it is easy to just skim-cut a new 60 deg point on it at the time of next use to restore accuracy.    If you have left a longish section at the "point", you can skim it many times before you run out of material and need to make a new piece.

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