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Yeah, I don't think I would ever kill a man over a motorcycle but I would bamn sure enjoy hearing some knuckles breaking and knowing he'll be enjoying arthritis for the rest of his miserable life.  

Anyway, no news about the greenmachiene but I have made some progress on the chop:

Running a small battery, i want to draw as little as possible to run the lights. I planned on LED's for head and tail lights.  I planned to run the tombstone taillight I already had, (also the holes in the fender just happened to be already drilled for one) so I went looking for the LED conversion.  Wow, $80 Samolians, that's out.  I happened to have one of these, (see first pic) that I picked up at the swap meet a while back for like 3 bucks.  Now as some of you may know LED's are not like regular bulbs that throw light in every direction.  They only send light one direction.  Having it stand straight up, like so 20170717_173905.jpgshining light on my glorious backside, (however titillating) is less than the ideal position for this particular buld.

So, first I cut a big hole in the  old HD bezel and did a little grinding for clearance.


I had to put an extra 90 degree bend in the bulb holder and came up with something like this.


Now because the new location of the holder is very close to the fender with the original gasket under the housing I needed something thicker, pliable and water proof... hmmm...


Yep, for those of you who aren't from around here that's one of my good, Sunday, going to walmart in my pajamas flip flops.  Or rather, it was.




Here's my end result.




I have no idea why the pics are sideways or how to embed a YouTube vidya so deal with it.

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this looking like a tough little chop hows it looking now

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