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Salardi Chopper

Conversion from a carburetor to fuel injection

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Hello to everyone!
My chopper has an Ultima 127 c.i. engine (copy of HD EVO), and I’d like to
convert it from a carburetor to fuel injection. Ultima adviced me to buy  Daytona twin tec  #17400 and said that I need to contact a company HPI and they will have a manifold that will work on their engines along with Daytona twin tec parts. They also have to do extra machining to the case for the fuel injections. This all is needed for my chopper to comply with EURO-4 exhaust thresholds.
Could you please tell me if someone has already met such a problem with injector installation? S&S have a completed engine with injector, but it complies with EURO-3 only and can’t be used/sold in EU, and their prices are thrice as high as Ultima’s.


Thank you a lot in advance!

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Too new for me but you might check on the Mega Squirt forum they are a open source DIY fuel injection group and some of their members pass emissions testing. http://megasquirt.info/.


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Dang! I'm glad we don't gotta deal with that EURO-3 and 4 bullshit, good luck Salardi Chopper

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